Hair Spray 15 years

Hair Spray 15 years

I also write about hairspray to share what I have accumulated so far.

I am thin and light hair ...

I do not need to spray it.

If you do not use spray, it blows in the wind and it is very spectacular.

So ... When I was a kid, I often had to keep my head short.

But it should be moderately shorter. If it is too short, the guy does not seem to have a style?

So what we have to use is wax and spray.

If your hair is moderately short, a gas-like spray is recommended. (See photo above)

If you spray a liquid spray, your hair will be short, and you will feel like you are feeling all over your scalp and your hair will shrink (short)

And because I'm not John Z.

I go to the style of lowering the bang in the length of the photograph which is the bottom nowadays.

(The bangs are about the left photo.

(Every 2 to 3 months)

If you have the head length of the above photo, it is hard to make hair with gas spray. (Personally)

It is hard to fix right after spraying on the head. Someone touches it and it is released compared to liquid spray.

So I use only liquid spray after I grow my hair up to the top photo.

(Ah wax is a must, this is my wax, wax after hair spray)

So let's just use liquid spray.

The spray I used

Turrabi, Mugen Fixing Mist, Mise-en-Scene, Fruit Nara, Shuddz, Spritz Amos, Jay Chou, Locking Fenisher Amos, Dashu etc ..

(I have used a lot of other things besides this; I seem to have written about 20 kinds of things; I think I invested a lot of money. ㅠㅠ ...)

Once I have used it for a long time, what I have promised is 'cleaning power'.

If I do not have good cleansing power, my scalp has all kinds of troubles and headaches.

(It's a personal issue, it's different for every person.

So it was 'Paul Mitchell Spray'.

But ... the length of the second picture above + the thickness of my thin film, Paul Mitchell's lack of fixing power.

I think Paul Mitchell's strength is

  1. Good cleansing ability 2. Smell is not strong 3. Set the hair does not sink, but keep it alive.

Still, I think I spent four years. I spent a lot of money spending the next four years on other sprays.

But Paul Mitchell's problem is ... it's too weak to fix.

When you have strong winds, or a little bit of fun ...

I had to ride my bike with my girlfriend or something .. I did not want to see my ugly appearance when my head broke down.

Then I changed

It is 'Amos Spritz Spray'.

It has good cleaning power and strong fixing power.

Although the smell was not as good as Paul Mitchell,

I still use it only because I am very satisfied with cleaning power and fixing power and smell.

Sold Out => Renewal => 'Amos Locking Fuser'

This 'Amos Locking Furnisher' also has good cleaning power and fixing power. The smell is too strong.

I wrote a note, but it was not really with me. Someday it seemed like I was vomiting and vomiting.

Amos is not suitable because I have been constantly vomiting for a month.

Then I go looking for some of these sprays and write with Paul Mitchell.

The product finally settled from 1 to 2 years ago


Compared to Paul Mitchell,

  1. All similar cleaning power.
  2. Clean and nice fragrance
  3. Stronger than Paul Mitchell.

Detergent: Paul Mitchell> Forrest Story> Emcelad

Incense: Forrest Story> Paul Mitchell> Emceard

Immortality: Emerad> Forrest Story> Paul Mitchell


And for other liquid sprays ...

The best fixing power I've ever used ...

It seems to have been about Mujuens.

I do not want to have a head banging.

I remember it with the best fixing power. (I got 88 trains but not badly damaged ... -_- b)

Three of them are fine musenes.

I think it's good for cleaning, so I used it for a long time.

It's okay to have the cleaning power in three.

The above three products .. is the worst detergent really. Turrabi was the best cleaner.

So, these days,

I usually use Emserad.

I prefer Forest Story for the second time.

I use Paul Mitchell to drink lightly; -_-;

In conclusion

The hair is thin and the hair is not short.

Personally, Emerad is the best time to use.

Paul Mitchell has a better fixation than Emce Rad (incense is a little unsatisfactory, but still very satisfactory)

The fragrance is better than Paul Mitchell's, and the fixed force is the Censored story.

(I am sad to have a tendency to shed a little bit of hair after sowing, but this is a drawback.

Paul Mitchell may be better when you think about it, but he's better than Paul Mitchell.

Just spray it and dry it before you dry it ...)

Forest Story already

Pretty popular in Olive Young, but ...

I do not think Em Serrad is very familiar with it.

If Paul Mitchell is good at fixing, I'm sorry to think that it is a shell.

Oh, of course Paul Mitchell thinks it's still a very good product.

But it's a little lacking to fix my head.

(I change the picture; I write 1000 won for this image hanging.

I tried to make it more expensive than 1000 won, but the angle was not so good.

I thought it was cheap, but this is the opposite.

걍 It seems that 1000 won is the most well-made-0-

I liked the product with this image.

And finally,

This spray face shield is also good for eye protection,

You can make more style you want.

(Hairspray causes dry eye syndrome, so you may want to close your eyes or use the above tools)

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