Galaxy S10 5 day use on iPhone X

Galaxy S10 5 day use on iPhone X

Specifications: Prism White, 128GB

Purchase price: 60 (used, normal termination)

Motive to buy: Wife gives away (half-forcing, self-Galaxy, Galaxy-use)

Note: The carrier is a flat phone.

Everything is based on iPhone X.



  • It's a super shit, but in the automatic mode, the photo jackpot comes out well.
  • Samsung Faye
  • Full screen

-No notch

  • Beautiful top battery percentage display
  • Sam Sung Fee
  • Bundle charger is pretty fast too? Apple guys are real ...
  • Removed words like ripper cost, apple care from my head.
  • Night Mode
  • Fingerprint recognition is good, and face recognition is good.
  • Bixby (Bixby Vision in particular)
  • Numerous other features.
  • And Samsung share.


  • Edge City - bal
  • Not really.
  • The game can be a bit tricky.

(Brolls, based on Real Racing 3)

  • Smart Switch iOS has not scratched the app yet ...
  • The gesture function is very poor.

 One hand operation? The iPhone is too far to follow.

  • It's Gapaliparet, but it's not so smooth ...
  • Protective film There is nothing satisfactory.

It is ...

  • I have been using Android marshmallow for 5 years.
  • Ringtones, reminders.
  • I would pay 600,000 won for iPhone iPad application (but it is a game)
  • Android also supports PS remote app!

It is extremely subjective.

That is all.

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