DC Motor Fan

DC Motor Fan

DC Motor Fan Why is it so expensive?

I do not have anything special, but I was searching for it because it was expensive.

Honestly, I'm about to swallow while searching Danner.

DC motor fan I was searching for it and I just came out of the general fan.

If the site is the worst, you should hang a general fan for 20,000 won and choose an option.

Most of the handwarmer is 20,000 won. (Are you kidding?)

Most of the wings are small, and that's just about 60,000, which is the size of a general fan size wing, but it's early 30,000 won. I have a lot of things to read, but the fixed parts of the wings are shaking instead of the center, so there is vibration noise ... (If you are living because of the noise, what if you get noisy?) I will not ...

It gets worse and worse.

I got an order for a deceit.

It is not really a seal, and I have come to look like a scare in the packaging. The feeling is cheap.

I'm glad I did it out of the assembly.

It was so light, so I did not expect anything at all. But it looks just like an AC electric fan, and it keeps doubting. Is it a real DC motor? I had a DC motor on the outside, so I decided to move on. Oh! It also has a remote control.

If you press it, it touches like an iPhone, and it works well with your toes close to each other. (To be honest, the fan does not work with toes. It is a kind of contact type like a rice cooker, a washing machine, a touch-type fan.

There is a dial next to it, which is characteristic of this fan. Wind speed control is 32 steps ;;; Who is this sensitive person?

In the first stage, I can clearly see that the fan is running, but I can not feel the wind.

It is about five stages, the epileptic epilepsy begins to tickle epilepsy. It is very cool in about 16 steps roughly. I do not really hear anything so far. There is no such thing as quiet mute or glad. (Successful drawing?)

But he just said that. I just turn around to 32 and I hear a wind noise like a normal fan. ㅡ,.

However, even if I left it for a few hours, the backwater was not warm at all, so I decided to use it as a DC motor.

The 32-step wind control seems to be overbuilt, even though it's up to 32 steps, it's like the center of a general fan. I feel the overall power is weak ... ;;; The dial is a Konan boy of the future. I can manipulate it with my toes. It is difficult to evolve. haha

The rotation is like a general fan, it rotates left and right automatically, and the vertical adjustment is manual. I can bow my head to the law. This is important. Even though I die soon, I can not get the fan to stand on top of my head. I lay on the floor and lay on the fan, but it does not matter if the wind passes over me. That's why I liked her well.

Anyway, this is a good way to fall. It's like ... It's like a normal fan, except that the height is controlled and the motor section is small.

The timer can be up to 7 hours and 30 minutes in 30-minute increments. I slept last night and it seems to work because I know it's turned off.

There is general wind, natural wind, sleeping wind like this, but the shifting wind is not good because it seems to eat more electricity. And the strength and weakness of the Chinese medicine and the Chinese medicine are changing, and the sound is also disturbed, and it is used in the general style. The sleeping wind is a mild version of natural wind.

The remote control - it is all but crude. This button battery is not easy to obtain and expensive. I tried to operate the home theater remote control by studying it with the home theater remote control, and the home theater remote control refused to learn whether it meets international standard. I think it will disappear when the batteries disappear when I just use it.


You must crack down if the fan is off. It is too quiet and even when the fan turns, it is transparent.

Power consumption 14w

It's a bit more fake than good price.

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