Body Friend Connick Massage Chair

Body Friend Connick Massage Chair

In May, I purchased one of my parents' days and installed it on my house, but I was worried that I was out of stock.

We received all kinds of discounts at Wemep and paid for 90,000 won.

The installation date was held for about two weeks at the beginning, but I purchased it on Monday night, and it was installed at 4 pm on Friday, so I came from another area.

Budget was estimated at 100 ~ 2 million won by body friend or hate tech, and internet model was not available at offline store (Hitech showed sales from over 3 million won).

Actually I have never received a different massage chair ... so I bought a real impulse,

I am satisfied with the use of my family.

I bought the price of 1,900,000 won for 900,000 won, so the caustic rain is good. AS One year is a crazy thing.

At this price point, S & L supports zero gravity mode. The heat is delivered to the back part. I think the upper thigh is also a warm thigh.

Only the legs are massage, only the soles are roller and the other part is air. It's okay to have a little bit of pigs.

I have a Bluetooth speaker next to my ear. Tests are music apps, Youtube videos, podcasts, but I think it's okay to listen to podcasts and listen to cheap podcasts. (It is the basic speaker grade attached to the monitor slope.)

Originally, I do not take massage well. Ou and Panasonic are good, but the basic price range is 5 million won. I think it's okay for a massage chair entry. I would like my family to use them every day, including me, and stay for two or three years without a trace.

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