Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security

It was the time when free domestic vaccine was released in 2013.

It used to be the same Norton antivirus program I used to do when I bought my computer. It was the worst.

It was too heavy ... Since then, I have avoided the perception that Norton is heavy.

At that time, the pills, such as V3Lite, were free and I liked it.

However, in the case of pills, I looked at various kinds of ill-behaved things such as misleading myself and misconduct, and turned my eyes to paid vaccines.

Then I found Avast!

At that time, AV-Test had a good score and was very popular.

As of July 4, 2013, we will be using Avast Internet Security.

How do you increase the discount rate when you make your first purchase?

3 devices / 3 years and many other devices, I realized that I could get a little more discount by increasing the number of years,

 We have recruited and purchased friends to use together.

After you make the payment, give it a license file that you can activate.

I thought it was a line of code but it was a license file and it was activated when I inserted the license file.

I installed it on three PCs with one license so I used it very well with my friends.

He said that he will receive a reissue fee of 1000 won when a license file is lost.

In the meantime, many viruses and malicious code to prevent the computer was very neat.

Three years later, the expiration date is approaching, everyone is satisfied, and I have expressed my intention to use more.

I also used it very well without any problems and I bought it again.

I regret to buy one year later.

It seems to come out really curse.

Ads will appear suddenly around 2017. Advertising continues to be said to use its paid tools.

Obviously, I am using a paid vaccine, and I thought I was using a free vaccine.

At first, it came out in the form of pop-ups, but later it was on the menu.

Then he told me to press Optimize because it was not optimized.

If you want to optimize it, you have to use the tool.

Ha ...

You really want to be too.

So I changed it this time.

My friends say that they advertise too much and can not do it.

I have been using a free vaccine and passed on to other vaccines.

I am trying to purchase another vaccine license.

 Something cool.

For reference, I asked why I deleted the avast!

Oh, that answer is in your choice.

Above was an escape for paid avant-garde.

Thank you.

In addition, the avast's menu configuration is quite complex.

It's too messy to configure and it's tricky to use.

When I used it in the early days, it did not matter, but I feel the latest version is too tricky.

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