Alpha scan AOC 3279 QHD friend guy monitor precision color correction month use review with i1pro2

Alpha scan AOC 3279 QHD friend guy monitor precision color correction month use review with i1pro2

As IT engineer, I have been using the color spectrophotometer of the highest grade and I was using it alone.

My friend bought a new monitor a few months ago
My friend is a former Oracle DBA who works in the construction industry to enjoy games and content on purely monitors that have nothing to do with photos and videos

After a few months, my friend asked me to call him back ~ Yes?
I swiped my computer and I forgot to backup my monitor profile.
How did you DBA ... Yes, I am an IT engineer with a TIVOLI STORAGE MANAGER license, so I was wondering if I could explain the importance of backup

왱? Do you need a monitor call? I asked you how you used it since I was able to use it.
I did not know when it was used to adjust the color and brightness after the monitor was calibrated. I used it without a monitor profile because I pushed my new computer and the screen was too bright. I do not like being expressed.

Yeah, you're not a graphic expert, do you see that in a few months? I'll ask ...
The human eyes and ears are secretary, and once you see good things, you know the difference.

So I'll go back to my friend's house on Wednesday to pick up his calligraphy equipment again.

Monitor Calibration I1PRO2 is a spectrophotometer that is the industry's most cost-effective solution for the general public.
In fact, even among photographers, those who use this equipment are in their hands.
The low-priced calibrating equipment of 300,000 ~ 400,000 won does not exceed the accuracy of calibration ... I finish the equipment boast for a while ~

Monitor calibration

Monitor White Balance The monitor's standard white balance nowadays is 6500K degrees.
But most of them are shipped from the Calvin road factory, which is over 6500K degrees.
The color of the monitor is blue, so it seems to be a little cooler and better.

Just as the white balance of a digital camera is important, the white balance of the monitor is also important.

Try to start monitor calibration. It has a white balance that exceeds the reference value by about 900K. ㄴ

The important thing in monitor calibration is the proper brightness setting of my monitor depending on the surrounding brightness.

It is possible to adjust the brightness by adjusting the brightness of the monitor itself. However, professional equipment automatically adjusts the current brightness by adjusting the brightness of the profile while creating the monitor profile. .

The reason why you set it like this is that the setting value is applied to the file even if you initialize the monitor.
My friend is pushing my computer without backing up my profile and this is why I'm working on it again.

I1profiler will calibrate your monitor color for about 20 minutes hard ...

Final Target Value Brightness 160 Candela White Point (White Balance) Calibrated from 6500K to 161cd, 6517K.
Even precision equipment will cause a small error. Still, it has higher precision than the calibration equipment of 30 ~ 400 thousand won.

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