Adapter that is grounded to LG Gram 17

Adapter that is grounded to LG Gram 17


I am a foreign user.

When I went to Korea, I bought a 17-inch prefabric and I use it well.

However, the power adapter continued to be noticeable while I was using it. I did not have the grounding, so I kept worrying about it.

I have a problem with the Samsung adapter, but I have not been able to do it because I was uncomfortable with the company products. So I followed Ali and ebay amazon.

In the meantime, the electricity study (?

As you can see, I started to see a couple of useful adapters for each online market.

I bought one of the most affordable and affordable models

It's a 65W adapter and I ordered it on eBay.

The LG logo is attached, but it has become compatible adapter from China + ebay.

And I know that there is a black adapter and a white adapter. If I knew when I bought it, I would have bought it as a white color adapter ... -_- ;;;

I have been using it for about a week, but the charge is good, there is no adapter heat and nothing is noticeable.

I do not know if the ground is working properly because I do not feel the problem of earphone noise at the moment.

I just feel the stability of my heart by watching 3 adapter ... :)

If you go to Korea, you will end up buying a three-core cable for 220v in Korea.

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