4-way system air conditioner 'non-powered air circulator' use

4-way system air conditioner 'non-powered air circulator' use

The company uses several 4-way system air conditioners embedded in the ceiling.

Every summer, employees who work directly under the air conditioner are cold and frustrated

Employees who are far away from the air conditioner are hot, each with a desk fan.

The air-cooled louver (plastic plate) had a slight dispersion effect on the wind.

Then I saw a strange thing at the restaurant that I happened to go to.

There was a big windbreaker that turned passively by the wind from the air conditioner.

I'm not sure if it was due to it, but I was sitting right under the air conditioner,

I felt the air was moving.

I asked the restaurant boss how it was and he said the effect was pretty good.

So I bought some and installed it.

The name is a "non-motorized air circulator", a windbreaker that is driven by the wind from the air conditioner without any power.

This pinwheel spreads the air conditioner around.

The following is a brief overview of the concrete principles.

It is the fin attached to the end of the vane to turn the air conditioning wind into the power of the vane rotation.

Thanks to it, the big wings that go back act to lift air up.

If you forcibly circulate through a circulator with a motor, you might want to know how effective a passive thing would be

I personally experienced the placebo effect, which seems to have some effect in the restaurant

After removing the 4-way louver and installing this product, the staff did not have a complaint for a week.

And the air conditioner wind did not reach well in the meantime, I feel some cold wind in the corner of the room.

As an added advantage,

If you look at a pinwheel that turns round and round without sound, it seems that your mind is peaceful.

It is a non-rotating object and contains a ball bearing on the rotating shaft (the only one of the components of this product is the costly one)

There is little operating noise. I can hardly hear it, and if I lift my chair up and listen

It is the degree to which you hear a wind of wind that is smaller than the sound of the air conditioner.

This is a good thing, but one fatal drawback.

The price is a whopping 120,000 won. ㅠ

If it's money nowadays, it's a full-scale circulator with a BLDC motor,

You can buy one branded product that you know (= AS).

Rather than buying such a thing and turning the air forcibly, the cooling effect will probably be better.

I do not know what patented technology is.

The product's box and assembly instructions did not show much intellectual property.

When considering the material and build quality of the product, I think the proper price for this product is about 50,000 won (including the idea value).

If it was that price, I would say "buy two please buy"

Well, if it's 120,000 won ... I can not recommend it to everyone.

If you turn a strong circulator on one side of the space structure,

I think it is a good alternative if you are in a space that is sensitive to noise.

What I want to emphasize once again: There are quite a few psychological effects that seem addictive but visually cool.

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