4 months to subscribe to Netflix is ​​the best situation to use Netflix

4 months to subscribe to Netflix is ​​the best situation to use Netflix

You can see Netflix at home and out of the house, watching Netflix, and watching Netflix at home is close to replacing old games or other videos, so there is no big difference between me and my family at home or outside.

The TV series, which maximized movies and visual effects, was at home, so I could not play games at home because of the controller problems. I only played games at home, and eventually Netflix changed its platform. It's more convenient to watch movies. The only thing that changed was the activity outside the house.

I often see it when I use public transportation, but the reason why I prefer to watch it when I eat it is because I have to input it regularly except for video, so I have to move my fingers and eat food. The accidents to do are complicated. Netflix is ​​not inconvenient YouTube is short on video, so when you're done, you have to look for the next thing to see,

Also, if WiFi is not available in the area, I would like to see 3 ~ 5 minutes of video. It is too annoying to download one by one offline. Netflix is ​​downloaded 20 minutes even if it is offline, but it is less hassle.

Now I eat alone, but if I do not have Netflix, something is gone. It is best to use Netflix when you eat alone.

 The next thing that is suitable for Netflix is ​​the bus ride. There is no reason to watch the text because there is a big TV in the house because the train has a good feeling of ride because of the good ride of the train. So when you visit the website or read a book, it is usually best to ride in the train or read the text normally. I feel so uncomfortable reading the text because I feel less comfortable. That's why Netflix is ​​the busiest on the bus. I like games, but I do not play mobile games.

4-line summary

Using Netflix at home is nothing but a platform, and in the end it is video, so there is no difference other than convenience and favors. For those who play games, the game is more appropriate in the house than outside the house for manipulation problems.

However, using Netflix when eating is most effective as it is just a matter of looking at things rather than manipulation problems, the necessity of scrolling or timing due to limitations of cognitive scope

YouTube has to pass the next video and offline downloads are often short videos within 5 minutes, so it's annoying to download one by one

The next time you use it on the bus, the mobile game, YouTube, may be more suitable because of the ride problem.

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