Steemit Philiplines Open Mic Contest | Kaleidoscope World by Francis M | Lee Baong Covers

Magandang araw sa ating lahat mga steemians. Sana ay nasa mabuting kalagayan at pangangatawan tayo, saan man sa mundo.

For this blog, ito ay ang entry para sa contest ni nay @olivia08. If di ka pagjoin, what are you waiting for, tara na. Let us all enjoy the show.

Ang napili ko for this week's entry is Kaleidoscope World by Franscis M, a true Filipino hiphop master.

  • watch at your own risk 😁

Bakit Kaleidoscope World? I learned the lyrics of this song back when I was taking my schooling in college. This is the theme song of our Sports Fest. I do remember we were having a real fun whenever this song played and was performed on stage. I remember those big wild laughter while playing the games under the heat of the burning sun. I remember those days' determination of each team to win each game. In the end, I remember the true brotherhood. After all, we are schoolmates and friends. Win or Lose, the most important is we participate to entertain ourselves and others. We are having fun endeed.

The meaning of this song too very significant to steemit world. Steemit is just like a Kaleidoscope World, for we are here joining to the platform from different countries, nationalities, gender, life status, etc. We are all gathered here and being united. Rich or poor, married or single, man or woman, kids or adults, and wherever or whoever you are, we are welcome with dedication and goal. Steemit, let us all bring this to the top.

This song reminds me too of life's uos and down. We may be at the top today, smiling and wild but tomorrow, we would face difficulties in life. Our fundation might be challenged so hard but remember that life must go on. Keep you heads high and bring your determination on. Of course, this is a lesson for me, and maybe for you too.

That would be all for now friends. Enjoy your day and keep steeming.

Live to Love
Love to Live
Do No Harm


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Wow! sunggo ko bai! Hanep manenglish bai leeba ohhng!
Kungbsa bagay tama ang sinasabi mo.. Na haum sa imong hul.aan ning kantaha sa atong paningkamot ning steemit!

Mabuhay @leebaong!!!

01.11.2021 11:19

Na challenge kog english nay.. nahirapan ako sa kalisud... hahahaha

Salamat nay, MABUHAY!!!

01.11.2021 11:22

Hahahaha bugoya jud ug comments pero bilib ako sa galing mo ...

01.11.2021 11:27

Galing talaga! Really meaningful particularly our life. But, I like your headband, alegre mo lihok lihok ba.

01.11.2021 11:26

Salamat KAAYO @jurich60... daghan jud ta ka relate 😁😁😁

01.11.2021 11:33

Ganahan ko ani na song ni Francis M.. Pagkamaayo ba gayud!

01.11.2021 11:32

Ang galing mo naman sir.👏

02.11.2021 10:24

Greetings to you @leebaong,
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02.11.2021 12:40

Thank you so much for the guide sir @juichi.. Yay!! Mabuhay and Congrats!!!

06.11.2021 18:11

Congratulations @leebaong,
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04.11.2021 11:46

Yay!!!! Thank you so MUCH @steemitphcurator. It's weekend. Im on my way now for more powerups...

06.11.2021 18:10