Welcome to, the platform that rewards you for making people laugh. Lol. is a website that was created to reward memers and also steemians for the creation of original memes. You make people laugh and get upvote.

So far so good, the is still working on a test mode and not yet connected to steemit, but you can still earn LULz from getting votes on your memes.

This platform provides an opportunity for you to link up with like minds who see value in the creation of memes and also making the world a better place by bring laughter and smiles to people face. Seriously we all need to laugh to avoid The day stress.

How does memehub works

  1. Create an original meme
  2. Post your meme on

On memehub you earn Lulz, here is how to earn some

  1. Post a funny original meme
    2 view other memes made by other memers
  2. Upvote meme from other memers
  3. Comment on meme from other memers

Who can use memehub
Any one can use, you don't have to have an a steemit account to earn LULz. Just simply sign up using your email and you are good to go.

This makes it easier for more adoption and plenty of laughter to go around and also brings about rapid growth to the community.

but you need to have a steemit account to convert your LULz to steem
This is how the memehub is been incorporated into

To register on memehub click here

For more info on memehub, click here

To enter the on going contest and earn 67,000 sp upvote, click here also

All pictures were screenshoted from my phone.

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