IFC S2R7: Bonus Round Word Challenge

This is my post for the IFC round 7 tie breaker.

In round 7 we had to create a 4 sentence paragraph using words that all start with the same letter. It was actually a really fun challenge, so although we were given more lieniency for this round I decided to do the same thing using a different letter.

Here is my paragraph:

Willy Wonka whistled wimsically while watching wageless weary workers water wilting willows with white wine.

Wetting with water wasnt what whacky Willy wanted.

"Why waste water when white wine works wonderfully" wailed Willy.

Willy Wonka was white woman whiskey wasted!

Thanks for Reading.

All images are from the original 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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Willy Wonka was white woman whiskey wasted!

Lol! Great entry man. I really enjoyed it, very clever and entertaining. Especially the last line.

I do see you used some images that I'm not sure if you have the rights to post, and I found a Willy Wonka pic on Unsplash you could have used, though it's too late now to go back and change it since it took me too long to leave a response and notify you.

It looks like one of your competitors used an image without sourcing it as well and I"m not sure if he has the rights to post that one either. So... I'm not sure how I'll vote on this round and will have to think about it, thanks for entering either way though!

22.07.2019 01:41

Glad you found it humorous lol.
Yeah I knew you would call me out on the images lol. This was my thought process in using them though. They are from a movie from the 70s (over 45 years old) and many images from the film have been made into hundreds if not thousands of memes. If you Google Willy wonka memes countless images from the movie come up. Since images from the movie have been used so much over the past few decades without sourcing or referencing them I personally feel that they fall into the "fair use" category. But, I also trust your judgement on the matter and will be okay with however you decide to vote :)

22.07.2019 02:11


In regards to the fair use and the images, I recently went over this with another player who used screencaps from an old tv show and I looked it up and I forget the exact number but I seem to remember that it said copyrights last something like 80-100 years, and just because memes have been used by many people doesn't make it legal to do so, especially in a sense where you make money from it. Anyone can technically can make a meme and post it on their blog if it's not being monetized and they likely won't have any trouble especially when so many other people are doing it, but if you take someone's copyrighted material and then try to make money from it that can be an issue, and once again there's a weird line blurring here on steem and on YouTube because people can make money posting memes that they don't own the rights to, and most will likely never have any legal problems because there's just SO many people doing it, to try to single anyone out and go after them legally would likely not be wise or work very well. However since I'm running a contest here I have to be careful in what I personally support. Other judges may vote differently and they have in this season voted for stuff with questionable copyright sources, but for me personally... I'm hesitant to vote for questionable content as the one who is running this contest. so, that's my position and I hope that helps you undertand where I'm coming from. I guess we'll see what happens! Cheers.

25.07.2019 05:47

Okay that makes sense. I didnt realize that copyrights last 70-80 years. That's good to know. Thanks for the info :)
I see your point with it being a contest as well.

25.07.2019 12:36