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e ar all living in a digital age where our convenience in daily life is top priority. We do not need to wash our clothes or clean our house, which are automatically done by smart home system – as known as IoT. We can buy stuffs in America from Asia thanks to the development of e-commerce industry. We also do not need to carry cash with us when going outside anymore thanks to the appearance of credit card. Nevertheless, if you think credit card is good enough for our payment then you should learn more about digital wallet which brings the comfort in payment to a next level and makes our spending become more easily than ever. In next part, let’s find out what is digital wallet and why it become a standard of human spenpending.

What Is Digital Wallet?

igitlet is an online account used to pay popular online transactions today. Digital wallet accounts can store all personal information of users, even it links the bank account to conduct transactions faster. As long as you own a smartphone or laptop, wifi network and a digital wallet account, you can conduct transactions quickly wherever you u are.


Why gital Wallet Become A Standard Of Human Spending?

The reasons why many people use Digital Wallet today is because of the convenience that Digital Wallet have brought such as:

• Saving travel time to transfer or receive money from relatives, partners, friends.
• Buying goods and services quickly and easily on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay.
• Paying your electricity and water bills quickly.
• Performing queries on account balances, to better control the fluctuations in your account.

Along with the development of blockchain industry, the arrival of cryptocurrency wallets is an inevitable consequence. Same as digital wallet for fiat, cryptocurrency wallets are software that allow you to store and receive cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH... A Cryptocurrency Wallet can store multiple coins and tokens at once but most wallets will only support certain cryptocurrencies. These Cryptocurrency Wallets will be protected by a personal key, as known as a private key, which is a lengthy hexadecimal code that connects your device to your cryptocurrency wallet. In order to be able to use the coins in your wallet, the code must match the public key. The advantage of this method is that you will lose your assets if you lose your private key. Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrency wallets on the market but XCACARD wallet whi is powered by mobilum is the most outstanding one.

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What Isef="https://xcard.io/">XCARD??

CARDl-in-one crypto wallet project, which is powered by Mobilum – reputable fintech company. With top features like multi asset wallet and compatible with debit card, credit card and prepaid card, XCARD is a perfect state-of-the-art digital wallet to store, instant settlement and keeping your assets safe without any restrictions. Another point worth noting is that XCARD plans to conclude an IEO in Q4 this year and MBM tokens will be their native token.

How XCARD Becw XCARD Can Become Aypto Wallet?

Firstly, unlike other crypto wallets, XCARD secured wallet supports booth crypto assets as well as fiat making it convenient for user to connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. Secondly, XCARD users can feel assured with their money because their entire fund will be stored in a multi-signature and cold-storage wallet and wallet owner is the only one who have access to their fund. Besides, XCARD Wallet is fully KYC compliant, so that there will be risk-free of Anti-Money laundering for buyers and sellers and criminal will not be able to join and use XCARD. If you need to complete complex procedures and spend more than 15 minutes to open a bank account, it only takes less than a minute to sign up with Mobilum app. As crypto market is in its winter season, XCARD intends to provide an exciting feature for XCARD users, which is lending option, meaning that users can use their crypto assets as collateral to get a loan. Therefore, if you are tired of the current crypto market situation, you can lend your tokens and comeback to the market at more right time. Atomic swap is another noteworthy feature of XCARD wallet. With Atomic swap, you can peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies without going through a third party, meaning you are allowed to exchange a currency for others without using an exchange. The most unique feature is that users will have full control and ownership over their private keys during the whole exchange process. Regarding the exchange of cryptocurrency on XCARD, the project also established partnership with top exchanges, brokers and own pools with the purpose of providing the best market price for their customers. You will not be worried about lack of your favorite tokens since XCARD will support more than 200 cryptos (including altcoins) on their platform. Finally yet importantly, the most interesting thing about XCARD that cannot be found in any crypto wallet project out there is that they also issue their own VISA-supported credit card besides cryptocurrency wallet app, making XCARD wallet a perfect ecosystem and the most convenient way for payments . Blockchain technology has not only advantages but also disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that you cannot access your fund if you do not have internet access. With XCARD's first on the market biometric crypto credit card, you can spend money no matter if you are online or offline in anytime and anywhere.

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XCARD Partnership

Partnerships are an essential element of the operation of any project, with blockchain being such a young industry. Understanding the imporatance of this matter, XCARD already connected and made partnership with reputable financial institutions such as Santander Bank, London Stock Exchange Group and especially VISA to make sure a smooth adoption of XCARD dApp as well as XCARD first-on-the-market biometric crypto credit card after its launch. In addition, XCARD announced that they had a MOU'S with significant prospects that can help XCARD approach to 2 million people after launch. There are no wonders that a pink future is waiting for this amazing project.


s th industry continues to explode at this moment and many crypto wallets appears on the market day by day, XCARD wallet with its one-of-a-kind features emerges as a must-have crypto wallet for those who are not only in crypto but also outside crypto. On the one hand, people outside crypto can buy cryptocurrencies easily thanks to the combination of crypto wallet app and physical crypto credit card in XCARD ecosystem. On the other hand, with the dedication and efforts of XCARD project team in researching, developing and establishing partnership with top companies in traditional market like Visa, it guarantees that XCARD will be number one crypto wallet sooner or later.


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