1.jpgCrypto currency has experienced good growth over the years thanks to blockchain technology that enables people to trade and invest without fear of privacy disclosure. Despite the growth of market trends, crypto industry is still facing some challenges such as insecurity, low speed transaction, unscalable and some other major issues. That is why Temtum was born.


According to project’s website, Temtum is Ultra lightweight, super fast, quantum secure decentralised network, redefining the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to empower financial freedom. We can see that Temtum team has focused on all the issues blockchain industry has been facing recently. Besides, Temtum project also focus to resolve 4 major issues which are Speed, Scalability, Low Resource and Security.



There is the fact that existing blockchain networks have core limitations. In particular, they cannot meet the transaction requirements for many other industries and applications like big global and credit card companies. This is how temtum solves the problem of existing blockchain networks. So how does Temtum team do to solve those problem mentioned above? They invented a new blockchain called Temporal blockchain network which is:

  • Low Energy: Temtum team created an unique consensus algorithm which removes the requirement for mining so that we do not have to equip high-end computing hardware to participate in the network
  • Block Data: Data will be stored locally forever on machines makes Temporal network highly efficient and extremely lightweight.
  • Feeless: no fee when making transaction will be an advantage when you want to transact a large amount of money
  • Instant: With block confirmation taking just 12 seconds, 5 blocks per minute making the transaction near instant




Regarding roadmap, Temtum provide a very clear development schedule for their project. The following is Temtum Roadmap:

Q3 2019: ISO Accreditation
Q4 2019: Increased source of randomness
Q1 2020: Performance Integrity Protocol, Delegation, Sharding
Q2 2020: IoT & Mobility Devices, Homomorphic Encryption
Q3 2020: Payment system integrations
Q2 2021: Smart Contracts



Temtum has one of the most solid team in blockchain industry with experience of not only in blockchain but also in corporate business at board level in FTSE 250 companies.

Dr Doug Meakin (President): Douglas is a technical executive with many years of experience in engineering, product development, quality systems and processes and operations in leading-edge technology industries. He is president of Temtum.

Richard Dennis is Founder & CEO of Temtum: He is also founder of Dragon, and a globally acknowledged, prolific and prodigious cybersecurity and cryptography expert. He is also internationally recognised as a one of the world’s leading cybersecurity lecturers with a specialism in secure networks, blockchain and encryption.

Dr Gareth Owenson is CISO of Temtum: He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Internet Technology and is a specialist in internet security, cryptography and distributed systems.

Ginger Saltos, MSc is a CTO of Temtum: Ginger has an MSc in Security IT, MSc in Forensics IT and has worked extensively as a telematics engineer. She has five years of experience across public and private companies in security auditing in Ecuador and she has advised the Ecuadorian government about security on systems, policy and procedures.

David Hodkinson is a CFO of Temtum: David is Co-Founder and CEO of Harvex, a specialist firm working with clients in the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Online Gaming sector. He has worked with multiple high-value ICO’s, advising on International Structuring, Banking and Tax.

Their advisors are experts from various field such as e-Commerce, Games, Social Media, Tax…(MySpace, SuperEgo Games, Mido Play, TokenTax.etc…)



  • Backed by a strong and experienced team
  • No hardware requirements for resources which is a big advantage to build community


  • The idea is not w

Notete: This is not financial advice, please Do Your Own Research before tag any action

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