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In this day and age, our life become more modern. Therefore, transportation is becoming simpler for everyone. If you travel to far places, you can choose a car or motorbike, but in near area, you can choose a bicycle or even now, many people have chosen electric scooter. Mini e-scooter is gradually being popular among young people in on Earth. Not only is a convenient vehicle for short distances, this mini e-scooter also gives you a personality of dynamism and youthfulness. More than that, Hawk Network created a scooter that can help you earn money by leasing and many other ways.


Advantages Of Hawk Scooter

First of all, let’s see what is the advantages of Hawk scooter and why it is attracted more and more users day by day.


In big cities such as Los Angeles and New York, each person will spend about $200/month in average to move to the company and move around the city for other works. With this cost within half a year, you are able to buy a Hawk Scooter, making sure that your travel will be as light and convenient as compared to when riding a motorbike, car especially you can avoid traffic jams in these big cities.

Saving Space

Most people, especially young people, are now considering car and motorcycles as their main vehicles. Each family has at least 1-2 cars; hence, the parking space is making your house look narrowly. With Hawk Scooter, it only takes 1/4 of the space compared with normal motorbikes thanks to its cool bodywork design and extremely light weight (13.5 kg).



With current global warming situation, national’s governments are asking citizens to switch from gasoline vehicles to electronic vehicles such as electronic cars for long distance or e-scooter for around the city moving. Therefore, e-scooter is now becoming a new trend for people to hang around the city because of its eco-friendly features.

Easy To Use

Many people who are afraid of driving a car will feel confident with Hawk e-scooter. With its intelligent safety escort and spring shock-absorption features, you can easily master this scooter without any problems. Although Hawk e-scooter has small wheels, it is not only for children, but it can also meet the height of 1.2m to 1.8m people, the payload of the scooter is also quite large up to 100kg, therefore, it should be suitable for many different subjects.


Help You Confidently Show Your Personality

People with limited height usually find difficulty and inconvenient when getting on and off cars or motorbikes. As for the Hawk scooter with a lower frame design, it is really convenient for adults, children, men and women to use. The e-scooter can be used to make daily transportation, to work, to walk around, or you can bring it with you when traveling.

Earn Money With Hawk Scooter

Finally yet importantly, Apart from mentioned features above, you can also earn money by owning a Hawk Scooter. More clearly, you can gain revenue everyday by sharing your Hawk scooter. In detail, when you park your scooter anywhere and then there is person who wants to use your scooter, they have to scan a QR code through Hawk App. Every time they unlock your scooter, you will receive $1 and a standard using fee of $0.15 per minute. This earnings will be automatically deposited to your Hawk account everyday through Hawk Network’s smart contract. Nevertheless, this is just part of HAWK's earnings. Additionally, you can earn HKC – a Hawk Network native token, through Hawknet's co-sharing block chain network. You can refer Hawk Network’s Whitepaper here to understand more. Finally, if you successfully invite anyone to buy Hawk scooter from Hawk Network, you will receive a 5% cash reward.



Hawk Network solve not only hot topics such as environmental protection, economical but also help users to earn passive money through Hawk Network’s blockchain technology. In addition, Hawk Network also has very impressive statistics showing the growth in Hawk scooter development. For instance, there are 45 cities available for service-support, 10+ countries available for pre-sale, 3000W+ co-sharing eco users, 1000+ community partners and 2000 daily token. For the above reasons, it is recommended that users should choose Hawk scooter to use for their daily transportation as soon as possible. Owning Hawk scooter also means that you are possessing the transportation technology of the future.

Note: This is not financial advice, please Do Your Own Research before taking any action.

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