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In this age and day, along with the development of crypto sphere, there are many crypto exchanges created everyday. There is a funny rumor that the number of crypto exchanges in China, which is the biggest crypto community in the world, is much more than the number of crypto investors in this country. This proves that large number is not always good and big quantity does not mean good quality. In this current situation, Emirex is emerged as a bright gem in crypto exchange aspect. Why is that? Let’s find out in the next parts.

What Is Emirex?

Emirex is a reliable, secure and high performance digital-asset-trading-platform with most up to date techonology founded since 2014. One of the things that annoys crypto trader is latency of current exchanges, especially in crypto the price is very volatility and you can lose a lot of money if you are a little bit slower than another. Emirex will get you out of this nervousness by allowing users comfortably trading without any congestions thanks to its capacity of processing 1,000,000 orders per second at the same time. Besides, Emirex also establishes sophisticated security solution recognized by international IT security organizations in the banking industry, per ISO 27001 with the purpose of avoiding hacking and scamming. With this well preparation, Emirex aims to become the best crypto trading platform to serve the whole crypto industry and a bridge for the rest of the world approach to Middle Eastern wealth.


Problems Of Current Digital Asset Trading Platform

In this part, it will shows some problems of current crypto exchanges nowadays that prevent crypto enthusiast from trading. One of the first thing crypto investors will consider before choosing their own suitable trading platform is security. Binance, the most reputable exchange today, is not an exceptional. In March 2018, some users' alts are being sold at market price and then used to buy Viacoin at a crazy price without users' consent. In August 2019, Binance’s KYC user data is breached. The already insecure cryptocurrency market, hence, becomes even more unstable because of this mentioned above events. Secondly, none of the crypto traders heard about “Pump and Dump” term. In particular, this is because some exchanges only care about their temporary profit, forget about quality checking procedures, they listed bad and even fraud projects, and do not care about their users. After successfully listing to earn money from investors, the management board as well as developers of those scam projects started to leave and begin with another one. As a result, they are delisted from the exchange and investors are the one who suffered the most, some even went bankrupt. This is not good for not only the exchanges but also the whole blockchain industry as well since it may cause bad reputation for this new industry and no-one else dare to enter this field anymore. Thirdly, exchanges now only offer basic chart for users and traders sometimes find it inconvenience when trading. In other words, traders is not provided enough tool to serve their trading purpose. Fourthly, crypto enthusiast sometimes wants to invest in other areas such as traditional market like stock, bond or commodity market but none of crypto exchanges nowadays satisfies their need. Finally, very less exchanges out there offers fiat gateway for end-users due to legal barriers and it make it very hard for traders everytime they want to cash out as well as stops new comers joining this crypto sphere.

Features And Solutions Of Emirex


One of the worth-noting features of Emirex exchange is that they will provide all of the necessary facility to onboard newcomers as well as expert traders. For examples, if you are new or amateur trader, you will have an option to choose basic interface to trade on Emirex platform. This will help you not to waste time to get use to the exchange UI. To experts, they will have a free advanced customizable trading view chart, which usually cost them some pennies to subscribe on trading view. Besides, all of the trading history will be recorded and shown if necessary. One of the other interesting features that newbie should be excited about is if they are not confident about their trading skill and do not want to get risk with their investment, they will have an option to automatically copy position of professional traders they are following. This will help them to reduce the risk when trading in cryptocurrency market where the price is very volatility. In contrast, professional traders who are followed and copied by amateurs will be given monthly subscription fees. Therefore, other than profit through trading on Emirex, they will also have another passive income by their subscribers. In addition, amater traders also use live chat function to ask professional traders with respect to trading issue. Regarding security, Emirex will guarantee your assets by its own cyber security protocol, which is proved through many test organized by the most reputable security organizations specialized in banking industry and it is certificated ISO 27001. As mentioned above, traders do not have many choices in other exchanges when they want to cash out. However, traders will rest assured that they can cash out anytime they want thanks to built-in fiat gateway of Emirex platform. In particular, end users will be able to transfer from digital assets to fiat and withdraw it to their linked bank account. Additionally, they can also buy cryptocurrency by their debit or credit card making the owning of token easier than ever. Emirex is now supporting most of major tokens in the market. Besides, in order to avoid bad projects that can harm the experience of investors, Emirex applies a rigorous token listing procedure and projects which want to be listed on Emirex exchange must be a real quality project. Special attention must be dedicated to Emirex tokenization platform, the Emirex team strongly believe that blockchain is the future of the world and everything should be tokenized from stock to commodity. Therefore, Emirex is developing a token issuance platform for tokenized securities and other assets like oil, which can help to establish the gateway to the Middle Eastern wealth. This includes features such as hybrid chain that support permissioned and permissionless blockchain, devoted customer service or issued token management dashboard for investors. Finally yet importantly, Emirex wallet will be available on both Android and iOS mobile platform to provide the users with free-mind from nervousness of hacking. This app will be completely free if you use basic version and only cost some EMRX tokens if using professional version that offers way that is more comfortable by allowing users to use the wallet on multiple devices. In overall, with Emirex exchange, users can rest assured trading with risk-free.


Emirex Roadmap

Being established since 2014, Emirex is well-prepared with clarity and convincing roadmap till Q4/2020. In this month, Emirex expect to launch their Android and iOS version of Emirex exchange. In order to satisfy the demand of Asia customers, Emirex also plan to enter Hongkong and Singapore market by obtaining operating license here. In January 2020, EMRX token will be listed on Tier 1 crypto exchanges to get better token liquidity. The second half of 2020 will be a busy period of Emirex team with the launch of Emirex Wealth Management Services, Emirex Syndicate and decentralised trading of digital assets (Emirex DEX) in Q3/2020 and Q4/2020 respectively.


In the middle of chaos crypto exchange industry, Emirex is a really potential exchange and worths our attention by its vision and plans. There are very less exchange blockchain project that offers fiat gateway as well as tokenisation platform but Emirex just did it. Specially, this shows a great potential of this project in booth short and long term in order to be a new unicorn in blockchain industry. After a bubble burst, there are usually some unicorns appear and Emirex is definitely the next one. Users can now register and try this amazing exchange via this link https://emirex.com/referral?refid=IDA2202E35B9


Website: https://emirex.com/
Whitepaper: https://emirex.com/whitepaper

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