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Travel and tourism industry is one of the largest markets in the world. There are many companies want to enter this space because of its enormous potential. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism continues to grow on a global scale in the coming time. The number of international tourists is expected to reach about 1.8 billion by 2030. There are chances as well as challenges for tourism companies who want to grab a piece of this big cake. Realizing this, Bmy.Guide is created to resolve all of the current problems of this industry together with offering solutions that satisfy the needs of tourist globally.

Common Mistakes When Travelling


Tourism is when you travel to places that you are not familiar with, hence, you need to carefully prepare everything before your trip such as booking hotel, booking ticket, finding the most popular destinations of that place, learning experience of people who already travelled there.etc...Missing one of these steps will lead you to have a nightmare vacation. For instance, many people may think that sitting on a taxi and just simply going to their desired location does not take much time as well as money, so there is no need to know carefully what the tourist destination looks like. However, it is really a mistake when travelling because if you are subjective, you will definitely have to spend a lot of money to travel. In contrast, if you learn about that place first, you can arrange a reasonable trip and choose the right transportation, as well as find a good restaurant with a very reasonable price. Another mistake when traveling is trying to go to all of destinations without selective. This greedy mentality will make you act like a famous singer, when running around here and there to check in all the famous attractions of that place. You should only choose the destinations that you are most interested in, and then arrange them in the most convenient way so you can enjoy the trip comfortably. Sometimes preventing to go to a famous destination to avoid being crowded with tourists and spending time with other interesting places is also a good idea.

What Is Bmy.Guide And How It Could Solve Your Mistakes When Travelling?


Bmy.Guide (official website: is the first travel-focused search engine that act like a social network. Imagine that you can search everything with Google but it will be too general, nevertheless, with Bmy.Guide, you will have Google-alike search engine but specialize in tourism and travel aspect. To be more precise, Bmy.Guide will act like other popular social networks such as Facebook or Instagram but the main subject will be travel and tourism, meaning that you can upload your travel photos, tips of where you travelled and you can also interact with the other through real-time chatting as well. Not over yet, you will be rewarded for your activities with respect to upload helpful travel-related information. All of the reward will be paid by GUIDE – a native token of Bmy.Guide project which run on Ethereum network and because it run on blockchain, it will ensure the clarity, security, transparency and guarantee the speed of transaction without any congestion. Besides, another notable point of Bmy.Guide platform that will help you avoid mistakes as mentioned above is journaling platform and social network platform. Particularly, if you are a travel blogger but have limitation on technical skill and cannot create your own website, you can now use integrated journaling feature on Bmy.Guide to create your own corner with your own photos, videos as well as your own unique travel tips. More interestingly, you can earn money through GUIDE token if someone is interested in your content. You can find out more interesting features of the platform through project's whitepaper here.


So what happen if you start to have your own fans? Social network feature will help you create your own space to interact with your fans with the ability to create a group chat or simply chat in private with your best fan. Last but foremost, unlike other travel platforms out there, Bmy.Guide says no to ads, meaning that all contents on the platform will be completely free from ads and all the experience and travel tips there is truly honest.


Bmy.Guide Roadmap

Regarding project roadmap, Bmy.Guide team prepared a detailed plans until 2020 ensure that everything will work in proper way and on time. In detail, Bmy.Guide spent a whole year of 2018 to do their Research and Product development. At the beginning of 2019, they released beta version of Bmy.Guide platform for desktop. In Q2/2019, two new features with respect to marketplace and achievement is developed. At the second half of 2019, Bmy.Guide achieved some remarkable success in terms of technical development such as launching of new infrastructure component concerning new in-memory database cluster and mobile application development. Regarding marketing aspect, team also started their marketing campaign phase 3 by branding through strategic partnership. 2020 is an important year of the project since there will be many events planned for this year. In particular, team will focus on marketing with the purpose of onboarding over 500,000 users. In order to be able to handle such large amount of users, Bmy.Guide also plans to expand their team with regard to security and development department. In addition, there will be more payment options for the marketplace to ensure that users feel comfortable when using the platform. In Q2/2020, the expected mobile application will be officially released, hence, the infrastructure team will be expanded as well to guarantee the stable of the platform. Lastly, Bmy.Guide will release beta version of booking experiences and official version of this feature in Q3 and Q4/2020 respectively.




Bmy.Guide project includes a number of best things: experience team, innovative product, excellent idea and a great start! We need good ideas, but more importantly, we also need real products and massive adoption and Bmy.Guide has all of them thanks to its incredible partnerships with and! They have excellent features called marketplace with the purpose of bridging the gap between travelers and hotel’s owners, and they also has another breakthrough feature which is travel-oriented social network that can help everybody share their travel tips together. With this well preparation from Bmy.Guide team, the company will occupy a leading place in this crypto space in the near future for sure!


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