The Censorship Virus

One thing most people seem to be overlooking regarding The Kung Flu virus which looks to me to be the main theme in the 201 Pandemic Excercise is the censorship agenda, if you watch the video you will see how they spew their nonsense about how the internet is responsible for spreading false information which made the pandemic worse and what their plans are for controlling information, most folks talk about vaccines or bio weapons etc which are important topics but very few, at least that i have seen, have noted the censorship angle.


These are just some of the articles being spread by the MSM propaganda machine, which everyone with at least one working brain cell knows is the biggest purveyor of disinformation and fake news the world has ever seen.

**Facebook to remove misinformation about the coronavirus**
**Coronavirus Misinformation Is Spreading All Over Social Media**
**Coronavirus misinformation is running rampant on social media here are some of the hoaxes to watch out for**
**China coronavirus: Misinformation spreads online about origin and scale**
**Coronavirus misinformation surges, fueled by clout chasers**
**Coronavirus hoaxes are spreading in the US as the outbreak grows worldwide**
**Facebook, Google and Twitter crack down on fake coronavirus 'cures' and other misinformation**
**Here's A Running List Of Disinformation Spreading About The Coronavirus**
**Misinformation About The Coronavirus Is Spreading Online**

These stories are obviously being pushed in order to demonize the internet and social media, now no doubt there is disinformation being spread online (i would not be surprised if those spreading disinformation were in some way connected to the MSM propaganda machine or their paymasters) but if you believe that the biggest pushers of disinformation actually cared about the spread of it then you are very naive, they don't care about stopping fake news and disinformation, it's their job to spread it.


Don't be fooled by their cries and crocodile tears, what they care about is demonizing the internet, especially social media where most people who can think for themselves go to get their news these days.

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That is a great photo personifying brain washing.

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Yes, it's one of David Dees works of art, a very talented artist, more of his work here -

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