Painting ,enjoy holidays

painting lady and red sun glasses , enjoy holidays

hello dear friends, i have change them of my posts , because yesterday i was in art store and saw new things , bought a new sketchbook and some pencils , kuh i noor , and thought of painting colorful works as you see, i used to draw portraits with pencils , ill do them again , because that is what i enjoy , and also other things, like what you see here i inspired by this picture and paint it because i like fashion style
add some strawberries to the background. i like strawberry :D


i think markers are so good also for this paintings, maybe i will go to art store and buy some markers , because i like to work with them ,but i am not sure , because i am a little busy today and will have a nice day with my family , :)

fghjkl (1).jpg

while drawing this work

process of the drawing and painting

fghjkl (2).jpg

fghjkl (3).jpg

fghjkl (4).jpg

fghjkl (5).jpg




Thanks for watching! $ Thanks for supporting me in my path
have a happy day !


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I like your drawing. It brought a smile to my face:) Thanks for sharing it!

26.09.2019 10:09

thank you so much :) same here , also i am smiling because of your smile

26.09.2019 10:13