original drawing with pencils, portrait of a charming lady ,Threespeak

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original drawing with pencils, portrait

portrait of a charming lady

hello dear friends

here is another tutorial that i post on 3speak ! i have another portrait drawing this time ,a boy portrait drawing with pencils

my portraits are original and i draw them at the moment, just start with eyes mostly and end up with hair ! you can watch the process of my drawing from 0 to 100% in the video !
i will share my daily drawing tutorials in my 3speak blog, i hope you like these videos

i use a pencil to draw this one . have fun and enjoy !




have a happy day !



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Fantastic work, as always! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

03.09.2019 15:51

Indeed the lad looks very charming ! You bring amazing stuff each time you bring up a video !

Love watching your vids and relishing your skills !! Keep Bringin more !!

03.09.2019 15:56

thank you my friend

11.09.2019 14:50

I think I have seen it before in threespeak did you have problems with the load ?, This face looks great, its longer hair gives more shape and precision to the face very good work I like how you handle your mechanical pencil, what paper do you use? its texture looks friendly ...

04.09.2019 04:21

😊 thanks my friend, yes i had problem with it , and today my time is over for one month , must pay for it , will do it soon ,

11.09.2019 14:49

the paper is an smooth normal paper nothing special 🤗

11.09.2019 14:49

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11.09.2019 14:45