A marriage between two people in which one or both are blow then the age of 18 years. Child marriage is an evil custom .child marriage take place not only in India but all over the world.This custom is very old .In which young boys and girls are married
The government of India enacted a low to prevent child marriage.It was implemented on 1 November 2007.According to this rule,the age of the girl at the time of marriage and the age of the boy should be 21 years.
Child marriage is completely banned in India.The cause of child marriage 1 poverty,2illiteracy, 3 love marriage,4 sexual assault,and family issues. Child marriage has many disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage is the girl becoming a mother at an early age,depression ,they are deprived of the fundamental right,sefty and freedom. Child brides are neither physically and nor emotionally ready to become wives and mother. Child marriage is a big problem even in the 21 century.Government should take important step to stop child marriage.And the public also be aware so that we can save the future of our children.
"Say no to child marriage say yes to child education".

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