HI friends Today again I come with another interesting dish. That is SPINACH LASAGNA ROLL UPS.

All most all persons like this dish. Because it is very simple to prepare but very tasty. We can't leave it with out until eat. It is very beautiful to see and also juicy, spicy, yammy to eat.

In my post I give full details about it, pls read until end of the post. To get full dee about this dish.

Hear for making this SPINACH LASAGNA ROLL UPS, I use spinach and butter we can also use your favorite ingredients like Mushrooms, Potatoes, or even meat too. Which you want we use that we get tasty SPINACH LASAGNA ROLL UPS.

We eat this rolls on combining salads with Toasted bed. After grill this rolls keep this in fridge, when you want just heat this using Microwave and serve immediately. You get a some dish and enjoy your special day with special persons.

Now we go what ingredients we needed to prepare this dish.

1 cup lasagna noodles, 2 table spoon Ricotta, 1 cup mozzarella, 1/4 cup grated parmesan, 1 big egg, 10 grams frozen spinach, 2 cup marinara sauce, salt and pepper as required, oil little bit.

Now we go how to prepare this dish just follow my steps. First take one large bowl, put water and salt as required. After getting boil add noodles. Keep boil until it completely cook. Then drain noodles from water.


Now we prepare filling, Fir this first take frozen spinach keep in microwave cook until it get liquid as much as possible. Now add this liquid with all ingredients, mix well now add little bit salt as required,Mix all gently.

Now again heat the microwave up to 400°, Now take one large plate put some noodles then put filling as required, spread all corner correctly. Now roll it well. Prepare as you required rolls like this.

Now put in oven until it boil correctly. Now remove from oven serve with toasted bred.

Dish is read to eat. Enjoy with your Family and friends.

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