My Experience with New Roulette Game From Steem Slot platform

Hi Friends, Yesterday I give full details regarding This new Lunch Roulette game in Steem Slot games platform.


If you don't read my post just go through it for knowing full details LINK

After knowing full details and practicing in Demo play, I understand rules and regulations in this game. So today I test my luck.

In each game there is loss and win so be prepared for both. In this Roulette game there is winning chances high an compare to others.

Hear I make my deposit of 1 Steem.


On clicking right most corner there is option Make Deposit

Now I successfully deposit my funds in gaming wallet for testing my luck.


Before that just understand on which you place you bet how much you get. Just go through this Table you understand.


In this Table they clearly shows for where you bet, how much presentage you get.

I try my luck on betting 0.1 on ODD Numbers so I get 0.20


On betting RED or Black, Even or Odd hear winning chances are 50-50 so I go for that. I don't take any risk hear.

On practing more I bet more soon.

So join Hear using my link, for earning good amount on playing this Roulette game.

In this game I really feel good on playing because it has user-friendly interface with lovely music and give instest notifications on our each Step.

It is an amazing opportunity don't miss it. On using my referral link you get some bonus so don't miss it.

Enjoy your Day with Roulette Game

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