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Now in India we have cold weather, so we need soup to enjoy and also it's good to escape from cold weather.

Just follow my steps and enjoy this amazing simple soup.

For preparing this Soup, first we need to heat Oven at 400°c,Then toss the chicken pieces with needed spices gently on adding little bit oil. Then transfer this spices into banking sheet keep in oven until turn into Brown and crispy.

Now take another open bowl and add little bit oil, then put required leeks. Saute it up to 5 minutes. Now add garlic, ginger, carrot which chop slightly.,saute it around 3 minutes.

Add required water to it. Stir it until to make vegetable stack.

Hear we need to wait around 20 minutes to getting thick stack. Now add required paper, salt and before we prepare crispy Morocco.

Now serve with hot and Enjoy your day.

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