About Foxtail Millet

Hi friends how are you all,In my today post i come with one interesting health related post. In my Today post i give full details about Foxtail Millet ,how much health benefits we get on taking this Millet in our daily diet.

For knowing more details about Foxtail Millet just read my post,and try to take this Millets in your daily life for living healthy life.

Foxtail Millet scientific name is Setariaitalica .In Telugu it's known as Korralu or Korrabhiyyam. In Tamil it's know as Thinai.

This foxtail Millet is very old cultivation Millet.In past we taking those very frequently.After introducing Rice we forget about it. But still in some areas they cultivation this Millets.

Some records are there in first foxtail millet cultivation start in China. Then after it introduces in worldwide. In Indian this Foxtail Millet usages very huge compare to other countries.

Some reports says this Foxtail Millet cultivation start in 4000 BC in China,then after it spred throughout the Europe to other countries.

On taking this Foxtail Millet in our daily diet we can avoid lot of diseases because it contain high fiber and low carbohydrates.

So for digestion it take long time upto 4-6fixtail hours,so we don't get frequent hungry.One more feature is it releases glucose to our blood very slowly.

For diabetics patients it is good food to control blood glucose levels.On taking this Millets we can control diabetics very easily,on taking regularly we can completely cure our diabetics problem permanently. Just try to take this Millets in your diet regularly for living happy life.

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