Tips 20—Three things one mature person should know

Many Chinese parents always say that:Don’t let kids lose at the starting line,but they usually ignore one fact that the starting line is just themselves.

For a human,you should know some things if you want to be a mature one.Here I give three viewpoints you should know when you want to become a mature guy to adapt this unfair world.

First thing—Your parents are ordinary persons

Don’t expect that your partents can give you more things than the other people,most of our partents are just ordinary persons.Don’t complain your partents when you are in trouble,they are not easy to bring you up.

Second thing—You are just ordinary persons

The startingline is your parents,you are in the same ordinary persons because of your ordinary parents.But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work hard to improve your situations,it means that you should know your positions and don’t hit one's wagon to a star.You will get a better life if you can only just exceed people around you.That’s fairly enough.

Third thing—Your kids are just ordinary persons

Don’t give your kids too much pressure,or they will feel worse and worse and don’t know what they should do.They are just ordinary persons because of being your kids,so you can’t expect more things from them.Try to give them a good family and give them good education conditions,they will give play to their advantages to get a perfect life.

Above all,we are all ordinary persons,but that’s why we feel happy. 

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