Weekly summary of the @buildteam team offering the best for everyone

We must always keep everyone in the community up to date and for this reason from now on a weekly summary of the proposals or improvements that Buildteam will make will be delivered for the benefit of all those who are part of this community, so we can keep active the publications that we do constantly.
In this summary you can find the direct links to these publications.

Remember the NextColony Bot?


Are you still playing NextColony but are struggling to remember to upgrade everything on time?

Have your fleet grown so much with each new planet that you've now lost track of what ship to send out next?

Do not stop playing we show you the best way you just have to subscribe to NextColony autopilot, keep winning we play for you.

Follow the team account @buildteam

Refresher: How to sign up for GINAbot


I know that many of us use @ginabot has been part of many Steemian's lifes for a long time now, providing notifications via Discord.

But do not worry soon we will have several modifications in your favor so that you continue enjoying the benefits that @ginabot offers us all.

Follow the team account @ginabot You can't lose sight of her.

NEW! - Discover Communities with the TokenBB Forum Explorer


TokenBB is definitely the best place to interact, visiting all the forums that are based on Steem, now with an easier way to find a specific forum, before it was a bit more complicated but It was modified to make the search more pleasant.

Follow the team account @tokenbb

DLease Milestone: 4000 active Leases!


We are very happy but we are also partying, celebrating that we reach the milestone of the 4000 leases you expect to earn by leasing your STEEM POWER

In recent months it has been growing steadily more and more there is confidence in our services, do not leave for tomorrow what you should earn today.

Follow the team account @dlease

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I can suggest that you consider voting for @thecryptodrive, as a Witness and Ambassador with this voting link: testigo @thecryptodrive

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