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Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

We must always keep everyone in the community up to date and for this reason from now on a weekly summary of the proposals or improvements made by Buildteam will be delivered for the benefit of all those who are part of this community so we can keep active the different publications that We constantly do in this summary you can find the direct links to these publications.

Now we are going to deliver some publications translated into the Italian language.

@Bafi has always been with us for a long time in the team. He is always with the team as well as carrying out the Italian translations. He manages the account on Twitter
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Link to the post in Italian Cambiamenti per MinnowBooster - 🔥BURN PROMOTION SERVICE 🔥


In that post in Italian, we basically talk about what happened after the recent Hardfork (s), we update our Terms of service for MinnowBooster, but it quickly became clear that that would not be enough.
The community is reorienting more towards healing, which is how it should have been all the time, so we want to support that as well.

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If you like to share everything about your favorite sport and you have no one to talk to, a problem solved for all sports fans now also in the blockchain. what do you expect to be in the best sports space to comment Bitsports Do not forget to visit it I know you will like it.

Forum Bitsports is driven by TokenBB, the best option currently available for forums in the Steem blockchain.

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All images are screenshots of the different publications mentioned in this summary.

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@familyprotection will receive 50% author rewards from this post.

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