Delivery of medical supplies using drones. This is the future that is currently used

Drones deliver medical equipment in hospitals with COVID-19 patients
A delivery that is very fast can save lives and that is why they work in delivery with drones, as always, the latest technology helping humanity.


We are very clear that our lives have changed after this virus and the world has also changed.

These changes have directly affected operations in various industries which have had to be adapted due to the current scenario. One of them is the logistics or transport industry, which in various parts of the world has already explored deliveries using drones.

Health industries.

Great important news is that in Mexico, Sincronía Logística is a logistics company specialized in the pharmaceutical and human health industries, it is the first company to implement this type of drone shipments in Mexico, specifically to hospitals with the aim of supporting the health sector and thus without them having to be transported by a person.

Delivery with drones guarantees zero contact between both parties, who delivers and who receives, also reduces delivery time by 80% compared to ground methods when using motor vehicles or delivery services with bicycle dealers.

I can suppose that you know that one of the pioneers in using drones is Amazon, however I have read that other companies such as Dominos ’pizzas have already delivered pizza by drone, the test was carried out in New Zealand.

Medical supplies by drones.

So somehow this initiative by the company Sincronia Logistica has made different deliveries of medical supplies by drones to the IMSS General Regional Hospital II El Marqués located in Querétaro, one of the largest in Mexico and which is only intended to serve to patients with COVID-19.

The delivery of medical supplies using drones positions it as an innovation modality that safeguards the health and well-being of medical personnel, as well as a faster response capacity.

In the midst of all this disaster that the pandemic has caused, I hope that this initiative will be replicated in some way in many countries where the pandemic is doing great damage.

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Comments 9

@ lanzjoseg very interesting. The COVID-19 has forced us to figure out new ways.

05.06.2020 02:23

I think it's an excellent idea, in these times of pandemic we must find ways to make things easier for us, and medical supplies cannot be lacking in a health center!

05.06.2020 03:05

@tipu curate

05.06.2020 05:20
05.06.2020 05:20

Even though it may actually be wrong to say coronavirus has been a blessing to mankind or probably the world as a whole because if not for the pandemic disease, who could ever imagine that advanced technology could now be used in the health sector? I just finished reading @fucho80 post about robots created to help reduce the effect of coronavirus and now we now have drones in the medical sector.

The use of drones will not only make distribution of medical supply very fast but it will also make it more efficient and protective for human use. I'm so glad technology is really growing very fast in our health sector and this is really what every medical personnel also want as this will help them solve more problems by saving more lives and making their jobs done more easier and faster.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

05.06.2020 06:23

@lanzjoseg currently drones are the game changer in every field , from medicine to delivery. drones has done a very good job.

05.06.2020 14:37

This is a great tool. Not only does it minimize risk, but it could be much more effective in delivery. Excellent.

Thanks for sharing it @lanzjoseg

06.06.2020 17:21

It is a very good idea that this drones can help deliver items during this pandemic period but it is not all countries that have access to it yet.

06.06.2020 22:52

Making use of good technology in health centres really get me excited, this advancement is a good one that will help prevent several complicated cases and even save lives in the process.

07.06.2020 23:31