Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

We must always keep everyone in the community up to date and for this reason from now on we will deliver a weekly summary of the proposals or improvements made by Buildteam for the benefit of all of us who are part of this community so we can keep active the different publications that we do constantly, in this summary you can find direct links to these publications.

Post Link Cancellation Fee for SP leases


A user was actively abusing a vulnerability that presented the request for leases of SP, once he created a lease he immediately canceled it, in this way he received memo from our side indicating the cancellation, therefore he received a minimum amount of Steem, now that It was corrected, it won't happen again.

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Post Link BuildTeam Spotlight: TypeEarn


Typeearn is a project so that people who have an account at Steemit can learn to improve shorthand, but additional we can follow and see the speed of our writing and the best they can earn Steem and a negotiable token called Typecoin (TPC).
In the future it is expected that different people can create tasks for you or any of us to do and opt for those jobs that will be offered that feature is not yet available but it will be great from my point of view.

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Post Link Update on GINAbot new Web Portal development


As always in search of improvements, currently our friend @quochuy is developing improvements to the GinaBot portal, these improvements benefit us all and much more or frequent users who use GinaBot, I say this because I am one of those users, and I just wait for the new release of GinaBot.

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Post Link Dlease


In this publication you can read in a simple and very basic way as explained by our friend @ trev03 how SP can be leased using the Dlease tool , it covers in a good context the steps to follow to lease SP.

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All images are screenshots of the different publications mentioned in this summary.

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Good Summary . I have to try type-service Some day

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Hello my friend..!! I’m sorry if my comment is not in relation of your topic.. but I would like to ask you if you if you have any information about @familyprotection I would like to contact them on discord.. also I would like to contact the founder @canadian-coconut

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