Workout in the gym.

As I wrote in a previous article here and here in our condo in Pattaya, where we live, in the center of the condo there is a wonderful building with a sauna, cafe and various sports and entertainment halls.


I really liked the gym. It is small, but includes everything you need for classes.

Anyone who is engaged will understand what I mean.

Sometimes there is a large gym, you walk along it, there are somehow pieces of iron, many different shells, many different simulators similar to each other, but the hall is somehow uncomfortable. Barbells, dumbbells, shells, everything seems to be there, but .... it's hard to explain, it's kind of cold, or something.

And here the hall is small, even small, but it is very cozy. Maybe just because of the size?

Entrance to the hall on the card, on which we enter the condo, which we received at the entrance to the apartment.

Treadmills. Skiing. Everything is standard-convenient, with different speeds and elevation angles.


I’m still more used to running live. I’m not very willing to run on treadmills. I need to get a little used to them. It all seems to me that they do not correctly show the distance. But it only seems. I look at speed, and measure it using a running program, and look at the seconds and minutes - everything is correct. But live, for some reason it seems to me, I’m running faster, and in an hour I’ll run more than km. Maybe I'm just really running faster? I don’t think, I’m running the code, what speed I have, I’m running just the way I feel comfortable. And on a running track, I set the speed myself, add it gradually, and listen to myself, is it comfortable for me to run or not.

So this time I set the speed from 4.5 km / h to 7 km / h, and, as a result, I was comfortable running 6.8 km / h. Therefore, I, with all the buildup in the beginning, ran 1 hour - 6 km.

Dumbbells from 5 to 50 Lb.



Bicycle trainers.


And what views from the window!

So you sit on a bicycle, look out the window, burn calories, and peacefully realize that life is beautiful, that now after training you will go to the sauna for 10 minutes, sweat well, and then go to this pool to swim.

In the corner you see several fitness balls. By the way, I have a lot of exercises on them, which I do. They are indispensable for the back, for stretching. At home I have one.

There, in the corner, there are several exercise mats.

Convenient and versatile functional trainer for pumping arms and legs.


Once again, the bike is closer for the view.


These are the standard simulator for bench press and press.


Mirror. It is in every gym and it is very important in the classroom.


Correct stance, correct posture, straight back, angle of 90 degrees at the knees - all this can be seen in the mirror, to understand whether you are doing the exercise correctly. Those who have been practicing for a long time know that one and the same exercise can do much harm, can give an excellent result, or it can be just a waste of time if it is not done correctly. I am a pedant in this regard. I try to do everything right and study the issue. And I often understand that I’m doing some kind of lunge, some kind of bench press, some kind of stance. At home with my mirrors it’s difficult with large mirrors, so while I’m here, I’ll work out in the right direction.

Everything, the pool beckons with its blueness. Running - training - sauna - pool. We will not avoid the planned rest schedule.


All a great mood and fitness.


All photos from the personal archive of the author.

To be continued.

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