Guilin. Part 5. Hotel on the mountain.

In this article, I will specifically refer to the hotel in the mountains in which we spent 3 days.

Here is a view from the hotel window we saw upon check-in. Complete delight !!!

The small room has all the amenities, including air conditioning, fan, TV, shower, toilet, as well as two full windows on two walls, as we had a corner room.

Since we, when driving to the hotel by car, got lost due to the fact that the navigator took us along an impassable path into the mountains, and we called the hotel, and then drove 40 km to the detour, eventually arriving there, where we need our hotel I have in the messenger. And he periodically takes off advertising photographs of rice terraces, which they are at different times of the year.

So in early June I saw a wonderful silver version of rice terraces.

Look at the beauty there at the beginning of June. That option of terraces, when there are no shoots yet, there is no greenery, the fields are flooded with water, and this water glistens in sunlight. The effect of the mirror. Such terraces are called mirror or silver.

And the mists in the morning .... generally surreal.

The hotel was on a mountain, if strictly up from the foot uphill - 1 km. Bypass - only on all-terrain vehicles and for money. :)))

Remember my previous article about grandmothers - porters who carry tourist suitcases up to the hotel? Here they are just uphill this 1 km and stomp along the paths that I have already shown you.

Well, if you go, then down in the parking lot (where we left our car for 3 days), there are all-terrain vehicles, well, not all-terrain vehicles, but jeeps, of course, but for me it's about the same thing, excuse me. :)))

Here is such an entry under the mountain into the village and into the parking lot. Here is just the station for climbing up to the funicular. Not cheap, by the way.

There are many parking lots, but everything is jammed with cars.

When we were not on weekends and holidays, it was normal. But then the son went on holidays - it was something terrible ...

A hotel employee came for us on a call and took us. But not for free. I had to pay 100 yuan for two.

And we went uphill! In general, in a jeep along a narrow road uphill, it’s still a pleasure, I definitely couldn’t take pictures, and then after 2 days I didn’t get up, we walked in grief along the paths.

How do they drive this road in winter, if there is ice (and there are freezing temperatures), if there are showers (then the road is completely impassable), I don’t know. Many cars above are cars. That is, you go uphill - you go, a little patch in the mountain - and there are cars. These are those who thought they would go there - but could not. We reached where we could, and left the car.

So, definitely or for money and in a jeep with a skilled driver. Or walk on foot. Or check into the hotels below.

But on the mountain are cool views. You can, of course, settle down, and walk every day in the mountains. Also an option.

But the view from the hotel and the hotel itself on the mountain, a cool thing after all.

You get up in the morning - such a fog.

The hotel’s house is completely wooden; they build them from thin strips of wood everywhere. Well, of course, not strips, but it seems that just strips of wood. The audibility in the hotel is very strong.

Because it’s just a wooden house with thin walls.

Cozy kitchenette on the ground floor.

Modest breakfast. Breakfast is the most ordinary Chinese, you want rice with something, you want noodles with something, greens, meat, no problem.

Here, by the way, are the eggplants in the photo. Let me remind you that I really loved eggplant in China. They cook very tasty.

In the evening, it’s comfortable to sit here at the computer, if necessary. The internet is good. Silence. Only dogs bark sometimes. So good and calm !!! The staff just goes off to sleep somewhere, then asks the light to go out, as we ourselves will leave, and that's all, no problems.

From the hotel, as you go out for a walk on the terraces and down, the views are also interesting. Just show. There, all the houses are nearby, other hotels and residential buildings, all together and all at once, as a small such complex, everything is connected by ladders, and round-the-clock descent, ascents and a mountain. Down and up paths.

By the way, pay attention to the granny, she also carries a gas cylinder on the back, as well as tourist bags.

And when leaving, we also left such a leaf on the stand. Feedback. There were also reviews in English, albeit few.

In conclusion, I want to say my conclusion.

If you want a view of the mountain, just before going to bed (although it’s dark there, you can’t see anything, there are no lights), or the view in the morning, you can settle on the top of the mountain.

If you walk along the mountains there is no health, strength and desire - feel free to settle down below, at the foot, there are also a lot of hotels and rooms rented out for tourists. You can live in a village at the foot of the mountain and just walk up and through the mountains during the day.

We really liked the hotel itself and life on the mountain.

Like tourists, of course. Not for permanent residence. :)))

To be continued...

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All photos are from the collection of the author.

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05.11.2019 08:11

That room looks cozy. Nice pictures

07.11.2019 10:58

Yes, it is cozy and comfortable. Thank you.

08.11.2019 04:03