Danang, Marble Mountains, Part 1.

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There are not so many that still can be written about our second trip to Vietnam.

But a lot about Vietnam itself, if we also describe our first trip.

So, I haven’t told you anything interesting yet.

Our visit to The Marble Mountains.

After visiting the wonderful Ba Na Hills park, where we stayed all day and walked along the magnificent Golden Bridge "In the Hands of God", we had a few more days to stay in Da Nang, but the weather was bad.

We met in the evening with our friend, who lives in Da Nang, and enjoyed a pleasant dinner with her in a fish restaurant, and we asked where else to go in the remaining days.

And she, learning that we were not in the Marmara Mountains, sent us there, saying that there were caves, temples and a beautiful view of the city.

It was not far, only 10-15 km from our hotel.

We had no idea what these mountains were, what was waiting for us there, did not read, but just the next day we took a taxi and drove to these marble mountains. Taxi drivers name in English, as a tourist attraction everyone knows (The Marble Mountains).

We arrived, and there - an entire industry, with a diagram of the sights on the mountain ...

standing departments with different souvenirs, a ticket office and such an elevator for entry - climbing the mountain ...

Those who read my post about the Golden Bridge "Hands of God" remember how I described the development of tourism in Vietnam there.

That is, to take, invest money (a lot of money), ward off a park with attractions, put a multi-line cable way there, and then build a bridge, which all tourists now want to get on first.

At the bottom of this article, you can follow the links to all my posts about our autumn trip to Vietnam.

So it is here on the Marble Mountains.

We arrive, not knowing anything about this place, we buy tickets at the ticket office, we ask where the entrance is and we are led HERE TO SUCH AN ELEVATOR !!!

This is very staggering even for experienced travelers like us. The first thing that comes to mind: "How cool!".

We go up on the elevator, I try to make a lift video (at the bottom of the article there will be several links to my YouTube channel, you can watch the video and subscribe to the channel at the same time), and we find ourselves in a certain park.

Marble Mountains are five stone hills.

Previously, when everything around was covered with water, these were islands formed from marble.

Later, when the water left, natural caves remained in the hills, inside and around which Buddhist shrines and temples were built.

Do not be fooled by the name “Marble Mountains”, in fact, you can only visit one of them.

Mount Thuyshon (Ngon Thuy Son or Water Mountain) - the only one equipped for tourists to visit: built paths and steps, places of rest, in the caves there is decorative lighting.

Many different ornaments, different deities, different chapels and pagodas.

Everything is beautiful, well-groomed, everything is green and pleases the eye, fountains, ponds.

Here are the candles.

Here you can sit by the water, where my favorite colored Chinese fish live.

Some bas-reliefs are amazing.

The track goes up, to the sides, down. It’s better to navigate on the map, but I think that without a map you won’t get lost here, the park is not very big. But in it there are really a lot of caves and caves, temples, pagodas, large and small.

There are signs everywhere, the main thing is to turn your head around and read.

Frankly, we were in a bit of a hurry because the weather deteriorated more and more and the wind became stronger.

And the park is open.

If it began to rain, our walk would simply not have taken place, there are stones everywhere, open terrain, I would not wish anyone in the rain. Most likely, it will be slippery on the stone steps everywhere.

Therefore, we watched everything, but lively enough.

These caves are small in the rocks.

Usually a cave is dedicated to some deity. I do not understand them at all, but I understand that this cave is someone else's.

Only in one large cave is a temple made.

But I'll talk about it next time.

And now a few videos.

These two videos are the elevator and the lift on it.

And this is one of the temples in the territory when there were no tourists and visitors in it.

To be continued....

All photos are copyright.

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Ba Na Hills Park in Da Nang.Golden Bridge "In the Hands of God" in Ba Na Hills Park, Danang.

Cable way in Ba Na Hills Park, Da Nang.

Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour.

And we have a ramp for dinner.

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