Bahamas cruise. Second day. Island Coco Cay.

Bahamas cruise

If you carefully read the first articles about our cruise to the Bahamas, you remember that we went to the ocean after the typhoon "Matthew".

You can read about the first day here.

And about our first cruise ship here.

And there I wrote that I was afraid that after the typhoon the cruise would be canceled, and my husband laughed that we would go to sea there for a swim and go back. In fact, he went to the Bahamas and went, but ....

On the second day, we did not have a stop on the island of Coco Cay. Here you have the program change.

Why wasn’t it? Everything is very simple, the island washed away. At least that's what the girl employee told us at breakfast. She heard our speech, and stopped to talk a little. Where is the conversation and told us that this morning we had to stop on the island for a day, but did not stop. Because the typhoon on the island literally demolished everything. And, the saddest thing is that only a month ago they made a global restoration, put in so many new things, painted everything so well ... and here again - and the typhoon ruled.

And now the airliner is very, very slowly going towards the Bahamas, because in Nassau we catch on the third day in the morning, and not far from it.

And also, that when all passengers leave the liner, it’s easier for the staff, since the liner is empty. And now, since the passengers did not go ashore, everyone has to work a lot and more, because the liner is at sea.

So she told us everything and went to work on. 😊

And we, only the first day on the cruise ship, still did not know anything.

We didn’t even know how to look at the schedule in the booklets that we put in a drawer near our cabin.

Something like it was written on the Internet that a daily schedule for the whole day is issued, but we have not yet learned to watch it.

Now it seems so stupid. 😜

But for those who, just like us, are only going to go on a cruise for the first time, I want to indicate separately at this point.

Bahamas cruise

Every late evening in your mailbox next to the cabin there will be a booklet with the schedule for the next day. FULL SCHEDULE.

What, where and when. In English.

What you can see in the booklet.

\- Where does the liner land tomorrow.

\- What time do you come ashore in the morning, and what time will be available ashore.

\- What time it is necessary to be on board the ship in the evening, and at what time departure.

\- About all activities on board, regardless, at sea this day or there is a mooring to the shore. After all, some do not go ashore, remain on board the ship. For example, our table neighbors on the second cruise did not go ashore in Belize. They were already there.

\- Dress code for dinner. Or loose clothing, or all in white, or evening toilets and tuxedos. Every day, you can always know how to dress for dinner.

\- Schedule of all events on all decks. Quiz, shows, theater, cinema, music halls, performance groups. All this is painted in a long - long list in booklets.

That is, having this booklet in hand, as a schedule, as a plan of the day, as a guide for each day, you can always be aware of what, where, when. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ˜

What do passengers do when the liner is on the way?

But with what you see in the photographs.

Bahamas cruise

And I’ll show you a little bit all the same the Coco Cay island that I already see on current cruises, which means that it has been refurbished again and can provide a wonderful day of relaxation for cruisers.

All photos of this island (for lack of them from me) were taken from the Royal Caribbian official website.

Island Coco Cay

Island Coco Cay

Island Coco Cay

And this is a short video about the island.

And we can only hope that someday, on the next cruise, we will have the opportunity to swim past this island, with a stop on it.

And - no typhoons! 😍😜😊🎈🌹❀✌

To be continued...

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