Bahamas cruise. Day three. Rest in Nassau. To be continued.

Splashing on the first, very small beach, we went for a walk on.

And the "next" was very close. Directly opposite this beach on an artificially created lake, we immediately got to the beach on the ocean itself.

Here, behind such a strip of green bushes, the ocean opened to us.

Bahamas, Nassau

Yellow sand, emerald water.

Bahamas, Nassau

A fairly large beach with ocean waves. Nothing of the kind, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, swim, sunbathe, and even sit "looking" at the beach.

Bahamas, Nassau

We walked here, and sunbathed for two hours here, too.

Bahamas, Nassau

So, here for tourists there are beaches for everyone to his taste.

If you want, enjoy the ocean. Swim in the ocean, basking in the sand near the ocean.

Do you want to - swim in the pool or in the reservoir with slopes, there is also sand and all the amenities for vacationers.

I want to draw your attention to such a moment.

Those who read my magazine may remember that we went on this cruise after the very powerful typhoon Matthew, which was raging in Florida at that time. And even our exit was delayed from the port for half a day due to the fact that the liners, which the typhoon found in the ocean, somewhere defended and hid, and returned to the port late. Therefore, our loading on the liner did not begin in the morning, but in the afternoon.

In Nassau, we once found the consequences of a typhoon when everything was tidied up.

Coco Cay Island was washed away, and in Nassau they had already tidied up in 3 days, but the consequences were still visible.

So, look at the photo above, on the sand and on the green fence of the beach. During a hurricane, sand from this beach flew about 200-300 meters to the hotel. When you look, it seems unreal. But, in fact, everything was so.

We caught the sand workers at the hotel. The pool is also with sand, the territory surrounding the pool is all strewn with sand.

Workers sweep this sand, but in this photo - they are raking deposits deposited by large hills of sand.

From this artificial rivulet, they have not yet managed to remove the palm leaves that have fallen there.

And around, of course, beauty! Pool, waterfalls, everything is green.

We bought ourselves up, got ourselves tanned, enjoyed the ocean and the beauties of the hotel, got relaxation and complete peace of mind - we need to return to the "ship". :)

Not to be late, they will return on time so that they won’t float away without us.

On the way back, we once again looked at the hotel beauty and realized that this place would remain with us, as a place where I want to return.

Returning to the port, we, from far away, saw that our ship was standing on the pier and waiting for us. I understand that it sits in the brain, but still it was a little scary, and suddenly it swam away. :)))

No, I didn’t swim away.

Next to our liner were two more liners from other cruise companies.

That's all, we get aboard.

Goodbye, Nassau. Thank you for your beauty and hospitality.

I took these photos with a little sadness that it was all over.

If once on a cruise we will stay again in Nassau, with great pleasure I will be there again for a walk.

All photos from the personal archive of the author.

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