Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the right combination to create an inclusive and modern financial system for everyone. With the existence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, it reflects being able to create financial institutions that are more transparent, honest, decentralized and also profitable for all participants. Nowadays it is not easy to be able to implement blockchain technology in financial institutions. Developers can easily use the various resources provided to be able to create blockchain-based platforms, for example, developers can use chains such as Ethereum or BSC. Seeing this, Uma Chit Funds will present an inclusive and profitable financial platform for everyone based on blockchain technology.

Adopting blockchain technology allows Uma Chit Funds to provide a more transparent and secure financial platform for all participants. Users can carry out various transactions or donate a sum of money without worrying about its security because blockchain technology has proven reliable to be applied in financial institutions globally.

Chit Funds is a non-banking economic entity originating in India which came into existence under the RBI act out 1934. Chit Funds are conventional savings and lending resources in which members or customers reach a decision to donate a certain amount of funds for cast-iron duration of time. The calculation of the amount collected (by the foreman) is then auctioned and designated as a gift fund to members or buyers in need. therefore it allows members to stockpile a portion of their payment plan for the required period.

Uma Chit Fund is a Chit Fund company that manages, conducts or supervises as a foreman, agent or in any other capacity. The Uma Chit Fund is an innovative edition of the worldwide Rotating economy and Association institution. It caters to people with narrow reading for banking facilities and gives them entry to savings and loan schemes. These are non-government guests handled by a secret entity located in Maharashtra, India. The platform is smart contract enabled and provides many other elements amidst great encryption, confidence facts and perfect transparency.

The goal of Uma Chit Fund in collaboration with Blockchain is to allow its members to invest part of their earnings for futuristic purposes. Through this platform, individuals can make significant progress in achieving their life goals and dreams through more effective management of their savings. Small-scale companies have the freedom to manage capital and also leverage their returns by investing in Chit Fund projects developed on blockchain technology. By taking this bold step, their financial structure will not only be stable but also a path for business expansion and expansion for the future is being created.

Lay people are helped to establish discipline and a consistent lifestyle approach to savings, offering a reliable way to get financial assistance for unforeseen and unplanned circumstances.

Uma Chit Fund Features
Uma Chit Funds is an innovative and modern blockchain based savings and loan platform. The features offered by Uma Chit Funds allow users to get financial services that are more secure and affordable than traditional banking services. Users can save their money and earn interest or get loans faster with Uma Chit Funds. But that's not all, there are several other features of Uma Chit Funds;

  • Using smart contracts: users do not have to worry about their transactions because Uma Chit Funds uses blockchain technology which includes a smart contract protocol which will secure all transactions from users and do not allow manipulation or hacking.
  • Intuitive Interface: user interface is provided to be able to show users various information they need like upcoming or pending EMI, actual benefits, borrower limits, etc.
  • Transparent : to maintain the trust of users, Uma Chit Funds provides transparent services and keeps the distance as close as possible to the users.


  • Blend
    Uma Chut Fund is unlike any other tab resource project in promotion as the platform is powered by trending blockchain technology along with smart contracts enabled.
    By engaging our platform with blockchain technology, we will be smart to provide account holders with unmatched transparency, scalability and almost bonus constituent benefits.
  • Transparency
    The Uma Chit Fund will provide occupancy clarity which will allow bill holders to learn the take account winners in both rounds. all lots stored on the blockchain are one hundred percent Immutable. at hand will be nil to obfuscate from the bill holder and is forever reserved for renewal.
  • Accessibility
    Chit holders will enjoy the convenience of accessing and participating in both ball shapes from any device. Platforms will be compelled to strengthen two-step verification for counterparties to participate in any account rounds.
  • Mission
    Uma Chit Fund strives to conform to the most important trusted group of accounts worldwide. The sole mission of the platform is the effort towards monetary strengthening of its users or members.
  • Reliability
    The implementation of blockchain and smart contracts on Uma's acceptance rites makes it very unbreakable and fast to fully remember the surrounding aspects.
  • Affordability
    Multiple rounds and tab account schemes will be rolled out on the platform providing leeway for the fiscal phase of all and each participant on the platform. The platform provides an opening for both and every client to surprise miniatures and large shapes.

The Uma Chit Funds platform allows users to easily own Uma Chit Funds native tokens. These coins, known as UCF tokens, are native tokens of Uma Chit Funds and have various functions such as payments, fees, etc. Users can use the UCF token both on and off the platform as it is based on ERC-20 which is supported by many digital wallets globally. It is a native token that will have an important function, especially in the development of Uma Chit Funds.

Token Details:

  • Total amount: 1,000,000,000
  • Personal selling soft cap: $50,000
  • Hard hat private sale: $5.00,000
    *Public sales soft cap: $1,000,000
  • Public selling hard hat: $10,000,000
  • Token price: $0.1


  • Total amount: 1,000,000,000
  • Soft close private sale: $50,000
  • Private sale hard cap: $1.00,000
  • Public sale soft cap: $2.00,000
  • Public sale hard cap: $4,00,000
  • Token price: $0.1 (equivalent to USDT, BTC, & ETH)


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