ESTM Giveaway #3 Round Winners

Hi Steemians! We are very glad to announce third round winners of [ESTM giveaway](/esteem/@landr/lander-is-the-1-estm-giveaway)! ![Lander]( Congratulations to the winners! @engrsayful @randomblock1 @aguadz @leserieux We purchased ESTM tokens from eSteem today and sent to the winners. Contest is still on! Create your Lander page and get 200 ESTM! ----- ## Previous Winners @arcabuzx @dunsky @ahmanik47 @cylmon @jijiecharles @libert @technicalside @onenation @melinda010100 @mineopoly ----- ## Participation Follow these steps: 1. Follow us 2. [Create your Lander page.]( 3. Take a screenshot of your page. 4. Publish a new post with the format below: ``` Check out my home page on Lander #lander #blockstack ``` *feel free to put additional content* ## Rewards - First 225 participants will get 200 ESTM. - Top 10 best designed page owners will get extra 500 ESTM. ## Important - The post must be published using [eSteem]( apps. - Only one post per user will be considered. - Post tag sequence must be same as following: esteem,lander,blockstack (feel free to add more) ## Notes - The giveaway covers first 225 users. We will announce winners upon submission process ends. Don't forget to follow us! - Extra rewards will be distributed in 5 days upon submission process ends. Good luck and steem on! 🎉🎉🎉 --- ## What is Lander? [Lander]( is a personal website platform on decentralized internet ([Blockstack]( that lets you create a personal home page to point users to your content and social media links. ----
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10.01.2020 18:07

Your post has been boosted with ESTM. Keep up the good work!
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10.01.2020 18:08

This was an easy and fun way to earn a bunch of ESTM! Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity to enter!

10.01.2020 19:06

Am glad you're happy

10.01.2020 21:15

I'm winner ✌😊 landr

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11.01.2020 15:47