[VIDEO] CryptoMarketFlow: STEEM vs BTC looking to buy while 240 holds/ 23.07.2019

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Like Steem vs Bitcoin long side as long as we are above 240.

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Land of Trading - Live Forex/Crypto Education - Price Action, Supply and Demand, Market Makers & Risk/Money Management – Educational purposes only!


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FX markets and crypto market from a simple retail client perspective. We will talk about possible supply and demand zones, about what market makers try to do based on price action…etc.

NOTE: Please remember this one very well. We, as retail clients, can not move the market. No way to do so! We can only try to predict the next market move based on current price action (PA).

We are NOT a signal service provider, we do not use a crystal ball either (unfortunately). The hard work is the only way in trading! There is no place for a luck in here.

Different colours represent different time frames for better visual understanding.

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