The cat and the snake

Hello Steemit’s
Before, I saw that picture.... don't understand what it means....
Apparently the cat has seen a snake tail that stands out from a small hole and the cat thinks it's a rat's tail, then he wants to pull and disturb it until it comes out....
Later, I found out that... This photo is the work of Italian illustrator artist Marco Melgrati,
whose painting means: ′′ you'll never know who you're playing with, so please respect each other your whole life.".
In this life, what we see is just a very small part of the truth....
If we see other people succeed, their lives seem without burden, we envy.
For what?? We never know the whole story. Everyone has their own challenges.
So throw away the envy.
Grateful for what we have.
On the contrary, don't be arrogant, underestimate others.
Remember this picture: You don't see the whole picture. If you can see the whole picture, maybe what we consider is small, is far bigger than us.
Then let us love & respect each other.
Hopefully sharing from this friend can help build our awareness to be more neutral in responding to the strengths and weaknesses of others.
That as yourself that has advantages and disadvantages, so does everyone else..

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