Win Vite coin

Vite Portfolio and how to profit from it?

  1. Download the application that is available in both IOS and Android versions.
    from here
  2. You can get 10 minutes of VITE every day by pressing the button every 24 hours, by pressing Pick up now.
  3. You will be given 10 pieces of currency directly.
  4. The sale is currently available in their platform.

    You must fill in the attribution code correctly until you are eligible for the program.
    You should see something like the page below, your referral code must be in the field surrounded by the circle below when your friends invite you, that is when inviting your friends, your code should be in the field as shown in the image. Place the following code in the field specified in red In the picture below to earn 10 pieces immediately: 1ZDb7Rfn

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