Earth is burning and We are busy creating AI Robots

Why we are learning new technologies? So that we can solve the problems of our #society, Right? Please think for a while and ask yourself we are solving the problems of our society our #nation or we are actually destroying it.

We the human being are born intelligent we are not #robots, we have sense of humor we are technologically so advanced that we have reached other planet and discovered life their but what about our own planet our earth, it's burning from so many days, millions of animals have sacrificed their lives and still counting but we are helpless.

We human beings must understand that nature is our only friend, we can invent so many #AI robots we can invent missiles, weapons and etc we are publishing so many research papers we are filing so many patents but they are all in papers only.

We must understand we can't invent our planet once it is destroyed.


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Humans are this earths cancer cells.... we are out of control and destroying our host. Just as cancer cells do in our human bodies.
Very sad but very true. Each generation only cares for that generation and loots and pillages earths resources for their own gain.....sorry..

end of rant

07.01.2020 11:15

It is true, we have become so selfish that we even don't bother about the next generation. What is the use of such kind of intelligence?

07.01.2020 16:26