At the age of 20, I did something that I could not forget at the age of 80

I'm in my early twenties, and I'm at an awkward age. Seems to see through life, the essence is still simple; It seems to have everything, but nothing; Heart with ambition, but also had to be down-to-earth.

At the awkward age of twenty years old, there is indeed some confusion and helplessness. But every time I pick up my bag, I understand that there are some things I don't do now and will never do again.

My friends sometimes ask me, what do you think is the meaning of travel? What do you do on the way?

I can't tell you what the meaning of travel is. Maybe travel itself is meaningless. But since someone asked me that question, I'd like to take this opportunity to share 8  things I do regularly on my travels.

1, go a long way

Walking is a must every time you travel. I prefer to measure the world with my own feet than with the way I reach out to hail a taxi from anywhere and brush past the city.

Zeng spent 28 days in the vast expanse of Tibet, passed through the mysterious color of aotai, and walked in the beautiful northwest of this piece of hot land.

2,Or walk the streets of a city and feel the atmosphere of a city that is different from other places. Only in this calm way can I have the opportunity to meet different people and discover the surprises that happen around me.

3,Take a bus

While traveling, you would never do the "dumb" thing I did: listen to a funny mother-son conversation until I missed the stop

You should not have experienced a person carrying a (60+10) L backpack to squeeze the bus without seats, like an alien from the start to see the end.

Taking the bus allows me to get to know different places and observe the most authentic local people

Take the subway, for example, and you'll see commuters hurrying to work in the morning. You'll also see trendy young people going to parties.

Frowning Some people get on the bus, Some people get off the bus, Some people are full of smiles on their faces, Some people are frowning to worry about life, and Some happy couples are whispering, Using this time to find out, living in the city of people and things

4,Look for local specialties

When we travel in the city, in a particular area, people will always find a carrying bag, like in our China, no matter which area there are local specialty to waiting for us to explore, bitter or sweet or sour or spicy, like go to Beijing, think the first thing, is the Beijing roast duck, or chongqing hot pot, to Russia, must want to try the caviar, to try Japanese sashimi.

No matter where in the world, there is always a taste that belongs there, it is likely to be remembered for a lifetime. So when you're young, get out there.

5,Find a good hotel

One of the most interesting things about traveling is talking and making friends with people from all over the world.

Perhaps the best approach is to find a hotel with a good reputation and environment. Then you can sit there all afternoon alone, or join groups that look good. If you two hit it off, you'll have a travel companion the next day.

Such a process, make a journey because of warm hearts and become more meaningful. You will find some people even in a lifetime and their own in a different country, the heart is so similar and close.

6,Get up early to watch the sunrise or sunset alone

Many people travel and get up late every morning. While I don't sleep all my beautiful mornings, if the weather permits, I choose to watch the sunrise. Feel the first rays of sunshine in a place or city.

In the afternoon, I will walk a long way, looking for a place where there is no one else. Witness the moment the sun disappears over the horizon.

Sunrise, is a kind of exciting moment, then the red sun rises east, break through the clouds, the earth began to rise, that is the noise of life. Sunset is the end of the day. It's a sense of belonging.

7,Write a postcard to record your feelings

Travel, something you never forget, send postcards to friends or strangers. Share a view of another city on a small piece of paper.

Write down the mood at that time, no matter it is a short text, or warm and touching, or plain plain, or funny humor, or rich in philosophy, can give a distance of the same feelings of people different experience.

In addition, I use these postcards as bookmarks for each book, so that when I inadvertently or frequently read these books, I can see and remember anything that happened

8,Go to your local library

"Bookstore" is the soul of a city, which I deeply agree

It's just a pity that nowadays, no matter where you go, there are fewer and fewer bookstores and everything can be found on the Internet

When a friend asks you what you are doing in your twenties and thirties, I think I can tell you what I have seen and heard during this period

Travel is beautiful, you will encounter beauty, there will be a story, you will walk in every corner of the earth, feel the warmth of the earth.

I am Chinese, I love the world culture, come from all over the world to friends, if you also like traveling, like eating, I think we can be very good friends。

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