Dealing With Darkness: Using Your Vibration to TRANSFORM

As chaos and destruction continue to rise to the surface of humanity, what can we do as individuals to begin to transform it into something meaningful?

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Exactly. Vibration is key, which 5G seeks to stop.

31.07.2019 01:46

Agreed! 5G is an awful idea.

31.07.2019 19:14


31.07.2019 23:32

you reallly got something going on! a beautiful message with love and light.. very nice! thank you <3

31.07.2019 03:46

Thank YOU so much <3 Glad you resonate!

31.07.2019 19:17

yes, very much sister! Im curious if you have heard of the ecotrain? we ask interesting questions every week, and id love to invite you to speak or write on this weeks question.. Im sure you would have some meaningful contribution, and i think its a really important topic that not many people are talking about..

have a great day ms liberty!

01.08.2019 04:22

This is my first time hearing about it, actually. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to contribute! What an interesting question to ponder on... that is indeed where we seem to be headed. A world of cyborgs.... haha.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy this beautiful day as well!
01.08.2019 13:00

Awesome! Glad ur up for it! And also do check out the #ecotrain tag, u can find some soul sisters
And brothers there im sure!

02.08.2019 03:52

I'm guess there's an Embedded link or something partiko is hiding from me..?

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31.07.2019 09:22

Were you unable to see the video? If so:

31.07.2019 20:23

Fear is one of the best instruments.

05.08.2019 12:51