MY DIARY GAME SEASON 3// 09-04-2021//My Unexpectedly Annoying Day by @ladymoon12

Hello Wonderful Steemians.
IMG_20210328_132323_7.jpgmyself @ladymoon12

My day wasn't the normal day most people usually had: wake up in the morning, say their morning prayers, take their bath and dress for work or school.

Nope. My day was very different.

I woke up today to sharp pains in my stomach region. It was so unbearable I had to take a pain reliever. The drug helped to stop the pain only a little bit. At that point, to think I had to dress up for school made me to gnash my teeth.
IMG_20210409_170929_0.pngMe wishing the stomach pains would go away

P.S: You'll hardly find me without my earphones.

I took my bath, dressed up for school and left the house with my stomach still disturbing me. But the most annoying thing happened. The lecturer I was supposed to meet in school was no where to be found.

The lecturer's assistant said and I quote, "Just wait for ten minutes. He'll be back soon. He went to eat."

And that was how I waited.

Ten minutes soon turned to twenty minutes. Twenty minutes to thirty. Thirty minutes to forty. And forty minutes to fifty hours.


Not fifty hours exactly but that was how it felt to me. For five whole hours I was waiting for one man. Just one man. Even if he was eating every food in Africa he should've been done within five hours, shouldn't he? Or maybe not. But my point was, he was taking too long just to eat.

I got so tired of sitting down, not to talk of my stomach that was still aching me. Forcing a smile on my face, I left the office. The lecturer's assistant kept telling me to wait that the lecturer would soon be back but I ignored him. He said that one hour ago, two hours ago, and even five hours ago.

By the time I got home my day was already ruined. I took another pain reliever and laid down on the bed with the intention of sleeping but my roommate refused to allow me sleep while angry.

She decided to make some potatoes chips to cheer me up.

And Steemians, I was reeeally cheered up. I loooooveee chips a lot.

Thank you for taking out the time to read my post.

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Sorry about the waiting and hope you feeling better now?

09.04.2021 20:01

Yes, I'm feeling better. Thank you@mykhell007

10.04.2021 08:44

You're very well read. It shows in your writing.
Sorry about the pains, I hope you're much better now.

19.04.2021 19:00