An unforgettable journey full of love.

The first thing you have to do when traveling, is to find a good hotel where to sleep confortable, one that you can pay, clean and with air conditioner. In this journey we travel more than 1600 kms, stoping in the towns we knew we had family, and of course where to have good meals.

We went along the beach directly to a place called Punto Fijo in Falcón State. There we have family, and they were waiting for us and gave us bed and food. We took all the corresponding photos and share happy moments I have already published. Now my brother lives too far to be visited, he moved to Spain with all his family.

In the way we found the dessert named Medanos de Coro, beautiful and intresting. This dessert is occupying more space than it should. We spent time there admiring nature. We felt that we will have a long time without visiting that place, and it has been so.

We left Coro and started the journey heading the city of Maracaibo . We have to cross Maracaibo's Lake to continue the trip to the city we wanted to visit to find information from my husband's relatives. In Maracaibo we visited the cathedral, have some fun with all the people that acoompanied us in this long journey and with the family we met in all the places we visited.


Goodbye loving family, it was good to see you all, and we hope to come back and enjoy more gratifying moments.

To travel long to see the family is a worthy thing to do. Many of these people are not here, some have died. I didn't publish all the photos because they were many and the post was going to be long. The rest of this trip I will publish in another post. There I will talk of families surprises in the way back home.

Family is the most beautiful and important thing you have in life. We must try hard to keep it united, and wherever they are you can write to them, don't forget to have them present. Nowdays we have social medias that allow us to keep in touch.

All the pictures belongs to my family blog.

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I know we all feel the same.

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