What are dreams made of? Ever fall asleep in a sunflower field and woke up with a duckling cuddling inside your shirt??

Hey Steemies and SSG!

Um yeah...about the tittle...neither have I...LMFAO. Don't worry it's not entirely clickbait either. Let me explain. Part of the routine for me to get to work includes cleaning out from any drugs or alcohol and be able to pass a drug test because I have a safety sensitive position. Since pot is now legal in Canada, I do enjoy my leftie cigs here and there but the workplace testing has not been updated since the prohibition was lifted to reflect the changes in Alberta. Although the impairing effects don't last very long, it still takes a week or 2 to get it out of the system to get to an acceptable level according to industry standards. While I consume, I don't get dreams but when I clean out, I get the most absurd ones... yes...like the tittle suggests!

Shot 1/250 sec. f/8 34 mm, ISO 100

This summer, I have been doing all this fun stuff and photographing all kinds of things that also includes a bunch of duckling cuteness, various small wildlife landing on me and sunflower maze and I still have to finish posting about my Easter weekend mountain trip and the fact that I need to get posting on all of these was probably on my mind and buried deep into my subconscious (obviously) and it all blended into one dream. (I also posted about it in my dream with this exact tittle). Except, it didn't quite go the same way as in real life but still have to share it because it's sorta strange, yet, if you knew me in real life it's not that unlikely. Now you know my dirty little secret, I'm a bit of a wildcard. I didn't lose all my marbles but there is definitely a hole in the bag!

64378513_856141988098299_2064271654527172608_n (3).jpg
Taken by @silvergigerman with iphone8. Wearing an
Emperor butterfly aka Blue Morpho, yes it is real and live.

U of A butterfly.jpgSame butterfly but now you can see the optical illusion.

Here is the wacky dream:

Naturally, the man of my dreams is almost always in every one of my dreams in some shape or form, for some reason that is unclear in my conscious life but somehow it made sense in the dream, @silvergingerman and I had to go to different locations during a mountain trip( maybe he had to go to work or something). He dropped me off at a small farm with a huge sunflower field to make sure I would be plenty entertained in his absence(he's that sweet in real life too) . The farmhouse itself was more like a cabin and very humble but also very full with many residents, had no power or any of the luxuries we have come to enjoy in life.

Shot 1/250 sec. f/8 18 mm, ISO 100

I wandered into the near by sunflower field to gaze at the dark starry skies of a warm summer night and a golden retriever and two teenage ducklings soon joined my side. The dog curled up next to me partially on my lap and one duckling cozied up into the pup's golden fur. The second duckling climbed up on me and curled up inside my shirt and next to my beating heart like it was the most comfortable place in the world. Given it was such a warm night, the farmhouse was so crowded and I didn't want to disturb the cute sleeping baby or end that special experience, I decided to close my eyes for a moment and just enjoy the gentle breeze and the hypnotizing sound it made thru the sunflowers and fell asleep there until morning.

sleeping goslings.jpg
1/800 sec. f/7.1 300 mm, ISO 200

When I awoke at sunrise, all the feathery and furry companions where still at the exact same location as they were when we all went to sleep except a couple of fox kits had joined us and gotten cozy with the golden retriever and slept soundly with the other duckling. I thought to myself Isn't that the coolest thing ever, I need to write a post about this unique experience. I even named it with this exact tittle. I took some pictures of my new farm friends for my post knowing that soon enough @silvergingerman would come pick me up and I was certainly excited about telling him all about my experience. As we all started to get moving and heading out of the field to rejoin the family inside the farmhouse for a hearty breakfast, the duckling followed me around like I was it's new momma.

fox rcm2 (1).jpg
Additional pictures and information can be found at the
bottom of the post.

Then Magic (one of our cats) came and headbutted me in the nose to wake me up and let me know @silvergingerman was back home from work and pulled me out of my blissful slumber. Wake up! Wake up! It's 5:30 am! Damn cat. I tried to get back into my dream but doesn't quite work that way and got into some other weird dream instead that really wasn't that interesting. I just got out of bed and now here I am writing this weird post before I forget my dream, where the ones reading this are probably thinking What kind of fucking pot do they have in Canada anyway?? I'm also not sure why I felt compelled to write it down either, not something I generally do but now it will forever be littering the blockchain! It's still a fun way to release some of my pictures.

magic (2).jpg
Shot 1/50 sec. f/3.5 40 mm, ISO 800

Now you can see how everything blended into one strange mess in my dream! How far-fetched is it?? Probably not that much. When it does get too warm and I can't sleep, especially when I used to live by the ocean in Eastern Canada, the nights would get so uncomfortable and unbearable sticking to everything in my apartment that I would just drag a blanket and a pillow in a near by field and just go to sleep there in the breeze and get covered in fireflies(that is actually kinda cool and they do produce enough light to be able to see in the dark after turning off the flashlight). Yeah, I can sleep just about anywhere like that except in my own bed! In real life, I do attract all kinds of large and small wild curious critters but none of them has ever crawled into my shirt and cuddled up for a good night sleep...Well the non human kind at least. 😆 When we do go to the park, some visitors do get a little jealous of our gaggle of goslings, ducklings and their mothers that surround and follow us around the park (like a 100 of them at a time) and ask us how we get such a following and they don't. Could this dream ever happen?? Possibly, I sure hope it does now! I will still try to make a proper post about the actual experiences of the summer in time...maybe.

me1 (1).jpg
Taken by @silvergingerman with iphone8, so is the next.

me3 (1).jpg
Chillin with my new dragonfly buddy.

A previously posted picture of my followers! I couldn't get them all in the picture, this only a portion of the group. In case you missed my post from earlier this year, there is also a video inside. The tittle is suppose to say 500% cuteness...Oops!

fox rcm (2).jpg
This from the 2004 "The Arctic Fox" fractional set of 4 coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint commemorating the northern dweller. The Arctic Fox is made to withstand the polar conditions of the arctic, normally a solitary animal except for mating season mostly feeds from lemmings, food scraps left behind by wolves or scavenges on the sea ice for seal remains left behind by polar bears. The designs showcase Claudio D'Angelo 's work from a previously issued platinum coin set from 1993. Crafted in 99.99 silver the fractional set includes a 1 oz($5 face value) , 1/2 oz ($4), 1/4 oz ($3) and 1/10 th oz ($2) with a mintage of 20 000 worldwide (includes COA).

fox rcm3 (1).jpg
I like this set, beautifully crafted like most of RCM's handy work but the super clean mirror finish is such a pain in the behind to photograph properly, the pictures don't do it justice at all and maybe I'll try again for better pictures when I have better natural lighting and more patience. These pictures were the second take, I am not doing a third!!

Please feel free to share some of your weird dreams that may or may not have any chance of happening! It would make for an entertaining comment section for sure!

All images were taken with Nikon D7000 unless otherwise stated. Coins with Nikkor 40m macro lens and all others with Sigma 18-200mm lens.

Cheers my friends! X🐞X

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Nice post and good photos.

10.09.2019 19:50

Thank you for stopping by and your support! xox

11.09.2019 05:10

Glad to see you out and about and here of course!

10.09.2019 21:13

Summers are short here, might as well enjoy it fully!

11.09.2019 05:10

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You are such an asset to the steemit community! Thank you for your support, it's much appreciated.

11.09.2019 05:09

Good post

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10.09.2019 21:55

Thank you!

11.09.2019 05:08

Awesome article, @ladybug146! And what a great show of silver! Stack on, my friend.

11.09.2019 00:44

I'm glad you enjoyed the bling!! Thanks for stopping by and the tip, you're such a sweetheart💟💟 xox

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11.09.2019 00:45

Yep that transition back to dreaming after stopping The ganja is intense. The subconscious throwing all the suppressed things at you in a series of dreams. I just woke up from a dream where I was chasing Hitler down and it turns out my gun was a toy but his wasn’t and I woke up as he was aiming at me and pulling the trigger ?

I basically never smoke weed anymore, but there’s definitely a hole in my marble bag and the marbles are all psychedelic and out of this dimension 🙃

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11.09.2019 03:32

Omg!! Well at least you woke up before he got you!!! That's one active subconscious, next time tell your mind to give you a real dreamland gun, hehe.

Yes it's intense indeed but if my suppressed things cuddling up to cute things in a flower field, I guess life could be worse!! As far as smoking/not smoking, I stay clean when I'm working (only work part of the year) and then when I know I'm done for a few months, then it's PARTY TIME but I don't drink alcohol so I guess that's my guilty pleasure.

11.09.2019 05:04

Beautiful. And of course very much real.

11.09.2019 06:32

Thank you!

12.09.2019 01:10

Great photos! I have no experience with smoking weed so I can't comment on that dream part :) just wanted to stop by and say that I like your photos :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

11.09.2019 07:11

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and left a lovely comment! Thank you for your support. Have a great day as well :)

12.09.2019 01:10

What a wonderful nature 😘

11.09.2019 07:16

Nature certainly is a treasure! Thank you :)

12.09.2019 01:11

Thanks for sharing this amazing dream with us here on steemit! I wish this story can come to truth sometimes in your life.
I also love silver coins, ducklings, free living animals.
Greetings and hugs!

11.09.2019 08:26

I'm glad you enjoyed my madness! My goal is to leave the city and move to the mountains one day when I'm ready to slow down with my education and career, perhaps it's a glimpse of my future (would be fun). I love visiting nature in it's purest form and interacting with wildlife.

12.09.2019 01:08

Our small country has some 4 million geese in the winter. Great pics as usual.

11.09.2019 08:47

Wow they actually stay for winter!! Lucky. Way too cold here but they are a hearty bird and are generally the first ones to come back in the spring and the last to leave in the fall, even if there is a bit of snow. Thanks for stopping by. :)

12.09.2019 01:02

ehy dear @ladybug146, smoke or not smoke, I think you have a special feeling with animals and therefore in the dream you have surrounded yourself with them. dreams don't have to be ugly, maybe they are the symbol of something you want, maybe a big family to look after and cuddle? perhaps a harmonious place where different breeds of animals (dogs, foxes, ducks, men) live together in peace? I love, and your beautiful post and your beautiful photos, congratulations! Keep on :-))

11.09.2019 13:08

There is a lot of truth to what you say! I do have a deep bond with nature and my favorite activity is to surround myself with wilderness of all kinds. Perhaps not the family aspect, I'm 36 and have a career and no children, not that it's not an option ever but certainly not a priority or plan on having any at this point. I do wish for peace in the world and humans being more mindful of how their actions impacts eco-systems. Nature and bio diversity is something we hold to high value here in Alberta. Thank you for stopping by with your lovely comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my content. :)

12.09.2019 01:01

I 100% share your connection with nature, even in my opinion it is the most important wonder we have. you are lucky to live in a place where there is respect for it, in many other places there is only exploitation and destruction. man unfortunately gives more importance to the value of money than to the energy of life and nature.

12.09.2019 19:11

You are absolutely right, there are many ways to live and protect nature and it shouldn't be exploited to the brinks of collapsing various eco-systems, at the end of the day, we are nature as well, if it suffers, so do we and industrialization and consumers needs to maintain a balance. We are very fortunate here that there is so much thought into finding new ways of doing things that are environmentally friendly. Part of the cost of doing business is the necessary clean up required.

13.09.2019 03:42

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11.09.2019 13:43

Thank you for your support and promotion of my work!

12.09.2019 01:12

I like sunflowers. I opened this post and I was surprised at its content. You have a spectacular camera, I wish I could have one like that. The narration of dreams is a bit crazy, so thanks for sharing. I think the only way to remember dreams is to write it because otherwise they get lost in our subconscious. I'm going to tell you a joke. In Venezuela, when people have strange dreams, they tell someone to tell them what it means and "what number" it is to play it in the lottery. It's just an anecdote for you to laugh at. A big hello @ladybug146

11.09.2019 15:00

Yes please...I'll take winning lottery numbers!! Thank you in advance! hehe. We do have similar superstitions in Canada, not just Venezuela. Our culture and customs are a mish-mash of the best part of many world cultures since we have so much ethnic diversity in our population.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I do my best to bring an entertaining twist with my photography. I hardly ever remember my dreams for very long but I remembered this one so vividly I just had to do write it down. Certainly didn't want this one to be forever lost into my subconscious. My camera has served me well over the years but it's getting old (9 years old) and falling apart, I need a new one in the near future but it still is a very good camera. You never know, you could have one like this one day too! Keep producing good content on the blockchain and stake all your token rewards instead of selling, if steem token price goes to the moon, it might just be able to fund it someday, you might be surprised.

12.09.2019 00:55

I laughed when I read the title because I didn't see any meaning or coherence to what could happen haha, I think that the drug (especially marijuana) can only be an escape from reality (I don't know much about drugs because they don't attract me) however I see that it makes you happy and you make a bond with the animals, it is beautiful ...

11.09.2019 16:15

I came up with the title in my dream so yes, incoherent indeed! It did get attention tho so it served me well...lol. As weird as it might seem tho, I am silly and young at heart with or without that my life kind of resembles the dream anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

In Canada it's been used in medicine and prescribed by doctors for quite some time. It's actually very helpful to manage many ailments especially digestive and certain brain disorders, chronic pain, sleep aid and cancers because it's very mild, more effective, safer and less addictive with fewer harmful side effects than many big-pharma alternatives. Many governments around the world really exaggerate it's psycho-active effects. It impairs much less then alcohol and almost impossible to overdose with it, certainly not something potent enough to escape reality in any way, more just a calming effect.

Side effects may include: Extreme laughter, severe hunger for unhealthy foods and a good night sleep!! On a serious note tho it does come with some minor risks and should be consumed responsibly. Long term use temporarily slows down the brain's functioning while it's in the body and since it isn't harmful like other drugs or alcohol, the body doesn't eliminate it's psycho-active residue long after consumption since it's naturally produced in small quantities in the human body.

Thank you for stopping by!! xox

12.09.2019 00:35

First Off I have to say this line

I didn't lose all my marbles but there is definitely a hole in the bag!

That fits me so well so I warmn you now I may well steal it and use it sometime

Such an interesting read, I to have some interesting perhaps weird dreams but unless I write then down as soon as I wake up from them they fade away and I forget them I did for a few months keep a notepad by my bed and with the plan to write then down so I would remember them but some of the notes I wrote I could barely read and to say the least were strange from what I could decypher so I stopped doing that LOL

11.09.2019 22:06

Haha, go ahead and steal the line! They are meant to be appreciated by many!!

I generally forget half of it and I never write them down ever. This is probably the first one. I started writing it as soon as I got up so I couldn't forget! I thought it would make for a funny story and an unusual way to roll out some of my photos since it worked so well together.

12.09.2019 00:08

Ohh yes it did work so well for a post, and the photos were perfect for it ;)

12.09.2019 00:11

What an excellent post! I really enjoyed your stream-of-consciousness style and wonderful photos. Let me ask you something... what kind of weed are you smoking there in Alberta??? I thought BC bud was strong... wow! Love it, thanks for sharing. Followed and resteemed with pleasure :-)

12.09.2019 05:59

Thanks for visiting and your support!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. To answer your question, two words ...The oilpatch!! haha just kidding, it's probably from B-C. We Albertans know where the good stuff is at!

12.09.2019 06:13

Wonderful photos, the interaction with the birds is fantastic.

13.09.2019 19:36

Wonderful photos,
The interaction with the
Birds is fantastic.

                 - truelovemom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

13.09.2019 19:37

Thank you!! It's really fun to watch their behavior, I think they remember who we are too.

14.09.2019 18:32

sometimes I managed to enjoy watching your flight

15.09.2019 03:35