Saturday Plankton Party (writing/photography contest) new life to steemit

Hey Steemies!

We all know how hard it is to get noticed as a plankton, we've all been there and done that, it takes a lot of hustle, persistence and patience...and a lot of posts...It's a hard knock life we get it. I might be the flavor of the day today to be forgotten tomorrow, that's the online fast evolving life going round and round. But now that I have my 15 seconds of fame, I want to share the spotlight with newbies that are willing to go the extra mile to impress the steemit community.

Shot 1/500 sec. f/5.6 170 mm, ISO 360

With #newsteem in order, many bid-bots turned curation team to benefit the community, new curation projects are being created on a regular basis and larger SP holders are hungry for quality. Talent discovery is higher than ever but you also have to step up to the plate if you want to get noticed. Some photographers can get by with just photography and minimal text, but that is far and few between and reserved for the exceptional...Even @ladybug146 can't pull that one off! The steemit community isn't like the short attention span of facebook or instagram, many steemians like to read the soulful stories behind the art or photos. Some like the photography, some like the text, hit 2 birds with one stone by posting for different types of audience at once. It's easier to engage or trigger memories with an experience than it is with a single photo. You win the community by winning their hearts one at a time.


Many will say posting consistently is the key, I suppose it helps but sometimes less is more as in less frequently but with better quality will go a long way over the quick 5 second posts too many times per day. Some say leaving a meaningful comment and networking is key, I also agree but leaving "nice post" , "great" or other irrelevant comments will not get you there. I very much want to support newbies and so does most of the steemit community but as I browse around new content and new users, it's hard for me to find what I'm looking for. I want to think positive and assume that many of you may be overwhelmed in how to start blogging, maybe you just need a little guidance and inspiration to get the ball rolling.

Shot 1/320 sec. f/9 40 mm, ISO 100



  • It's important to stay true to ourselves, both in real life and online so for this topic, I chose "Labor of love". Why? because blogging isn't lucrative for most but a representation of what we are passionate about and the inspiration to write all you know on the subject will just come to you. I encourage you to write a story about something meaningful to you (kids and pets not allowed unless you run a shelter or orphanage) , it may be a hobby or collection , a recipe, a special location or skill, a species or habitat at risk that you like to monitor...I'm not too picky, as long as it is of quality and from the heart. I would like to see a minimum of 4 decent paragraphs and 4 quality pictures of a different composition with no maximum, everything has to be your own content even the pictures. (Exceptions can be allowed for maps and such as long as at least 4 are your own)
  • Your story must be in english (you can include a translation in your native language if you wish but it doesn't count in the # of paragraph), could include things like the history or cultural significance behind the craft or hobby, how it's created or where the unique features come from. What are your observation on the topic during your research and most of all your experience and why it's an important factor in your life. These are of course suggestions only, the choice is yours. Be creative, have fun and don't be afraid to let your personality shine thru. In this case, my "labor of love" is finding and celebrating new life in all things, nature and on steemit.
  • Entries from rep below 60 or other higher rep that may be seeking new life to their blog will be preferred but essentially anyone can enter and every serious entry will be taken in consideration. Use the tag #planktonparty or if you are a steemit veteran you may use #newlife instead and post the link in the comments so it's easy to find and learn about each other & engage with other participants.

Shot 1/1000 sec. f/6.3 200 mm, ISO 400

blue heron.jpg


  • We can let the community decide the prize. The liquid steem portion of this post will be distributed between chosen entries at the pay-out period of this post (You have 7 days), my full 1 cent up-vote (LMAO.... I know ...sorry) and a re-steem. You never know, maybe you will catch the eye of a few and get some additional votes to your posts or make new friendships. Team effort! I don't know how many winners there will be, I would like to distribute smaller prize pools to many steemies but I will gauge based on the prize pool and number of quality entries.



I don't know if this is a one time contest or will become a weekly thing choosing different topics, it all depends on YOU. If I get enough participation to make it fun, I will continue. I want to create this contest in the hopes we can stimulate content creation that might attract new users to want to take part in the social experiment we call steemit. Cryptos are starting to be talked about again and this is our chance to show how the platform is a nest for creativity and personality by giving it new life. If you are a newbie, this could be a learning opportunity for you towards a fruitful experience. Even the simple things in life can be turned into art, it's just a mater of perspective and presenting it in a new light. Hopefully you join me in my initiative and spread your wings, show us your true colors.


All images taken with Nikon D7000.

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Muy buenas tus recomendaciones, muchas gracias. Es verdad la captación está en las historias. No he podido sintonizar me a esta comunidad pero me inclinare en realizar historias.

01.02.2020 20:34

I hope you decide to enter the challenge and I'm happy to give advice to those legitimately looking for help, if this contest is successful I will continue to share some tips for the newer crowd. Thanks for stopping by :)

01.02.2020 22:47

Aww, this is so nice of you :) You are such a great and inspiring member of our community. Btw, I host a weekly upvote giveaway on my blog (every Saturday) where anyone can nominate good but undervalued posts and I then check them and upvote them. Nominations by you (or anyone else of course) are more than welcome ;)

01.02.2020 21:07

I'm glad I can inspire, I can never repay those who have/continue to help me so much on my blog, the best way is to pay it forward. I will gladly look for undervalued nominations to swing by your saturday initiative :)

01.02.2020 22:41

Yeah, I never did figure out the best way to build a following. I've seen people who post a single photo multiple times daily and have 70+ ratings, with almost no text. Have you found a sweet spot for photo / text balance?

01.02.2020 22:17

I never really looked that far into picture ratios!! haha I just kept doing my thing, the community mentality is just different than it was a year ago, even last summer and now many are more focused on trying to do what's right for the platform and with a lot less spam, creating new opportunities for visibility. The platform was a bit sleepy for a while but it's starting to bud again.

01.02.2020 22:37

Don't know if it's still like this, but I used to peruse the new photo feed and it was chalk full of images taken from a Google search, with no credit to the author and no text. I'm glad to hear that quality is becoming important again.

02.02.2020 16:45

The last HF kinda put that to bed and it has slowed but I notice some are starting to come back, that's why I'm trying to stimulate natural talents, I see a lot of post with 1 picture with repetitive theme from newbies thinking it's going to be their break thru to fortunes. Besides, when I was new, entering competitions and win a bit of steem to power up + a few followers each time has helped me build quite a bit.

I think the bigger fish realized what was fun and full of drama may not have been the best of optics or loving environment (lol) to attract new users and have them stay and grow.

02.02.2020 18:58

This post is Steem Pope Approved.

Maybe a bit too pompous compared to "nice post?"

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02.02.2020 08:10

well, it's cute so I like it!

05.02.2020 05:02

Nice one, I've added this to my favorites and will be looking out for entries.

05.02.2020 05:01

I feel like I will letting a few supporters looking to help newbies down if I get no entries!! Hopefully there is somebody to reward!

05.02.2020 05:25

yeah, that could be a problem... i hope everyone is resteeming as well

05.02.2020 05:33

It was re-steemed a few times by others waiting to reward some entries!! This is actually not a bad prize altogether, I have been fishing for them without outright dropping links to their blog and it's been mentioned on contest pages any suggestions on what else I could do to reach the target audience?

05.02.2020 05:43

I see some complain nobody visits their blog and hard to get visibility, I thought I would help...but...

05.02.2020 05:44

well, at least you are trying to do something :)

05.02.2020 06:27

UPDATE - Given the lack of entrants to give the prize of 21 STEEM accumulated , I will go around the blockchain and gift 1 steem to deserving hard working newbies as I navigate the blockchain over the next few days. Thank you for offering to support some of the entries, even tho they are none the thought and offering was important. If you know of any deserving plankton to receive part of this, feel free to drop their name below

08.02.2020 20:47