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The complicated life, which I believed was simple

For most people, life is simply flowing without a structure, without rules or limits, (although many believe that there are) and so most of my life has passed.

I was a child with a somewhat difficult childhood, my father left home when I was only 7 years old, immediately after that my mother went to work and since we were 3 brothers, she had to work hard, for a long time.

I started working when I was 10 years old, I went with my grandmother, to a field, we always picked potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, chili, coriander, corn, or whatever for the moment we had to collect.

That's how I grew up, and from a very young age I liked work and always thanks to God I have been fortunate to have something to work on. After the years went by and when I became a man, I met my first wife, I was married to her for 8 years and had a daughter. For bad decisions I made, that marriage did not last longer, and I regret it, because my daughter went through the same thing that happened to me, and that is very sad, (at the moment I do not care, because to be honest my level of irresponsibility was greater than my desire to be a good father) so I simply left.


After this I met my current partner, being with her and 2 new children, I continued to lead my lifestyle, I worked yes, I always liked it, for the house there was no lack of food, for my children there was no lack of clothes, toys and those things that seem indispensable, but the rest of the money that came into the house, I used to spend on me, at parties and drinks, paid anything for a good party and did not spend time with my wife or my children.

After so much time partying, drinking and eating badly, I started to get sick, today I have a stomach bacteria called helicobacter pilory and after all the discomforts that this caused me + the current bad situation in my country, Venezuela, I realized how wrong I was, all the bad decisions made, the sad and empty life I led.

Family love, self-assessment tool

Now, after a lot of work, because this is not easy, I can say with great force and gratitude that God changed my life.

[personal photo]

Now I dedicate myself to work, as always, and the free time I have I dedicate to my family, today I have 3 children, the oldest girl, from my first marriage, is 18 years old, and the 2 youngest children who are 11 and 6 years old . Thanks to God and to them today I am a new man, I can say that I have learned to make better decisions and my life has improved a lot.

[personal photo]

New Habits, New Life

Thanks to all situations in life, I learned that we should be more organized, and that our life should be based on respect, towards other people and towards ourselves, but mainly, respect for God.

I want to share with you, this new lifestyle, which helped me improve in every way.

The first thing I do when I get up is to thank God for everything I have, what it gives me and what it takes away from me, for my health and my family and for providing us with food every day.

I go to work, and now instead of using the car, I use a bicycle that I recently renewed, I take it because my work is close to home, and in this way I do exercises, which have helped me improve my physical and mental state .

I no longer drink alcohol, nor do I smoke cigarettes, this is undoubtedly a fundamental part of my improvement. He has avoided many conflicts, those that were previously the order of the day.

I share with my children, we play in the park, football and even with the girl's dolls. Even my daughter disguised me as Princess Lol. But what counts is the happiness of being at home, as a family and seeing my children happy.

Also with my wife, we have improved the relationship, because communication has become more common and more fluid, (I will not say that there are no discussions, because there are) but they are resolved more easily and it is easier to be agreement on household and children's things.

[This photo was taken by my wife while I write the post]

I invite you to reflect

You can sit for a moment and try to relive my story, from the beginning to the end, after you do, think about how you have lived, how you are living and if there is something in your life that you would like to improve...

We all want the best!... But are we doing the best?

My life changed when my priorities change, try your (if you feel exorbitant) sort your priorities, and you will see how your life improves, leaving no room for doubt!

This post was born, thanks to this Post join you too, well I'm sure you have something to share


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03.11.2019 15:38

I absolutely adore the picture of you and the kids as you write your post. What a transformation you've had - so great you realised things weren't doing so well and that you had to change, and how lucky you are to have a loving partner and kids to help you on your way. Love, faith, self reflection - truly beautiful tools for diseembling the blocks we have to healthy and fulfilled lives. Much love.

04.11.2019 03:10

Thank you very much for your time ... Truly, I thank God for showing me the best in this house.

05.11.2019 16:55

We are very much moulded by our childhoods and develop patterns from it that are hard to change. That you managed to change these patterns shows great strength and I'm glad you are all doing better for it. Well done.

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04.11.2019 12:45

Certainly my friend, childhood is a fundamental part of our future ... I thank God for giving me the necessary tools to improve my life, and in this way help my children to make decisions in the future. adequate. It has not been easy, but I know I will continue to achieve it ... Thank you for reading!

05.11.2019 16:58

Wow! Such a big change! It's so nice to hear a positive story of growth. It's really inspiring. You have a beautiful family!

07.11.2019 21:44

So happy to hear that you were able to turn your life around and realize how blessed you are with this beautiful family.
Thank you for sharing your life story and I am very happy for you and your family.
God Bless

09.11.2019 05:29