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Multi mine allows you to mine several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, Dogecoin etc. The platform enables users to mine with the help of the cloud platform without facing the physical difficulties of crypto mining and to obtain their mining revenues securely on a daily basis. Mining operation is carried out at Multimine mining facilities. These facilities consist of state-of-the-art GPU and ASIC devices, cooling systems, research centers and experts in the field of crypto, which are regularly maintained and renewed.

Multimine let you mine cryptocurrencies without purchasing any mining hardware, spending time and effort mining, or being negatively affected by fluctuating cryptocurrency prices. You only need to choose the currency to be extracted and proceed with one of the plans provided for this type of currency. With our global mining facilities, Multimine takes care of the rest and gives you the flexibility to easily move capital without any restrictions.

Advantages of Multimine:

Highest retail power with lowest price.

Instant capital injection and withdrawal.

Multiple algorithms and currencies available.

Hashpower customization between cryptocurrencies.

Daily Return Collection.

The lowest mining fees on the market.

Dynamic Return Calculator and Risk Analyzer.



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Types of bonus campaign:
Facebook : $ 0.50 Ethereum per post accepted like, comment, and share .

Twitter : $ 0.50 in Ethereum for every accepted Tweet, like, reply, and retweet.

You-Tube : $ 2 - $ 40 Ethereum per video review accepted depending on the quality of the video review.

Google Ads : + 20% of the total cost of Google Ads. [Up to $ 500 in Rewards Only]

TrustPilot : $ 0.50 in Ethereum per accepted review.

Publication Blog : US $ 2 - $ 40 for each publication Ethereum code is acceptable depending on the quality.

Telegram : $ 0.25 in Ethereum per post accepted on our Telegram channel .

[Declined posts will not get rewards]


You should join the Telegram channel there

He must like and follow them on Facebook

You must subscribe there YouTube channel

You must have at least 500 followers on Twitter. [With an audit score of 90% and above] - for Twitter campaign

You must have at least 1000 followers / friends. - For Facebook campaign

You must have an active investment in the Multi Mine + Telegram group. It must have at least 1000 members. - to the Telegram campaign

A positive review should be posted on the Trustpilot Multi Mine - TrustPilot Campaign

You must have at least 200 subscribers to your Youtube channel - for your YouTube campaign

Blog accounts must be at least 3 months old and the blog post should only be posted on Steemit / Medium or Uptrend.

Cheating via spam, low-quality posts, and multiple account registrations will result in disqualification.

Only one account per person is allowed.

Maximum 1 (1) Tweet per day only.

Maximum of 1 (one) likes and comment per day only.

A maximum of 1 (one) Trustpilot review per person only.

Maximum only one (one) video review per day.

Questions or concerns regarding the bounty campaign, email:


Multimine is the 21st century mining companies that has come to transform the mining experience. I urge my readers to embrace this opportunity.

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