Safemoon Cash is a 100% rug proof, ownership renouced community owned token established on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with amazing use cases. See the WHITEPAPER for more detailed information here

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Here's our CMO's report of the first day at the Bitcoin Conference.

We branded Safemoon Cash to the entire cryptocurrency industry. We gave away a lot of Safemoon Cash merchandise. Professional introduction networking on day one with dialogue communication to attendees. A good strategy for convention floor marketing was used with drop sticker placements and business card placements. People asking where they could buy the white hats. Made countless contacts with focus on whales - many phone numbers were exchanged.

Good connections made and a lot of interest in Safemoon Cash! For example with Paxful, an eBay-like buying and sellers market for crypto. They showed interest in Safemoon Cash pitched as being used as first Binance Smart Chain token on platform. Also great connections made with Moon (a crypto/ VISA card utility), TradeStation (a investment brokerage platform for crypto), as well as with Coinsource, the worlds largest Bitcoin ATM company.


While the Strategy Team has its weekly call, let's share a daily Safemoon Cash update about what we working on atm 😊:

✅ Hired an external Market Making company as we are getting listed on more and more exchanges. More volume is more new investors!
📑 Negotiations with a huge multibillion exchange are proceeding
🧰 Appointments with law firms about setting up a legal entity in EU/US and getting legal opinions as required by (some) exchanges as well as banks and other fiat companies
🚀 Setting up a new Stocktwits challenge
🎆 Finishing SMC Swap (launch Thursday!)
©️ In touch with Cointelegraph
💸 Planning and exploring payment use cases
⚙️ Working on the functionalities of the SMCG token
⚔️Contacting new Lieutenants and Coordinators. Our local-to-global-marketing-operation is almost up and running!
🛎 Lining up new influencers
📺 Setting up our own Twitch platform for (future) AMA's
🔦 Talking about more marketing (and AMA's) with Bibox and other exchanges that listed us




Dear Hodlers,

We get questions about the value of SMC and most of them are asked as:
Why is the price of SMC down?

This can be due to a few reasons:

  1. Small whales are selling their tokens to collect their profit.
    They mostly got in early and have already made enough profit to sell tokens. Sometimes they sell big amounts of SMC and create a dip that way. The more hodlers we get the less impact those sell offs will have. But if panic sellers also start selling at that moment, you will also see a decrease in price. Please note you earn tokens on every buy and sell too by holding, as per our 2% redistribution tax tokenomics.
  2. The value of BNB is decreasing due to various reasons.
    This also has an impact on our price as our LP is based on BNB and thus will a decrease in price of BNB also have a negative impact on SMC. On the other hand if BNB is rising in price, we will also benefit from that. This has a bigger impact on newer tokens than it has on more established tokens. As an example you can search for other new BSC chain tokens and see what happened to their price.
  3. Market sentiment
    This can either promote higher buying pressure or selling pressure. In nearly all instances, it is fear or FUD based news that cause instantaneous sell-offs that are usually short-lived. Ask yourselves “Is the nature of this news early a reason to panic?” Use critical thinking. Be mindful that 99% of news is negative news, and that negative news sells. Smart money will buy back the dips from people who buy high, and sell low due to emotional reactions to baseless news. On the other hand, positive news can create swift buying.

So its not always the fact that sellers are the only reason for a price drop of SMC (and other BNB related tokens).

And also never forget these two famous quote from Warren Buffet:

“Get greedy when people are fearful and fearful when people get greedy”

“The stock/crypto market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”


1000x GEM is here, I urge you to get yourself some SMC, this project has very very huge potentials don't miss out.
Love you all.
See you at the TOP.

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